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World Championship leader Mark Webber is 34 tomorrow, which you may consider to be old for modern F1. However, to the record books all 2010 drivers (even Schumi) are whippersnappers. This quiz is about F1's oldest.

1. The oldest man to score points in F1 was Phillipe Etancelin in the final race of 1950 at the age of 53 (8 months, 6 days). Which circuit did he score his points at?


2. Michael Schumacher is the 30th oldest F1 driver to score points at the German GP. Who is the only other driver in the top 30 since 1980?

Mario Andretti at the 1982 Italian GP

3. There are 9 men to win World Championship races over the age of 40. Fill in the gaps for 1/4 points each!

LUIGI FAGIOLI 1951 Fr (53y 22d)
(46y 9m 3d)
JUAN MANUEL FANGIO 1957 Ge (46y 1m 11d)
PIERO TARUFFI 1952 Su (45y 7m 6d)
(43y 11m 5d)
SAM HANKS 1957 Indy500 (42y 10m 17d)
(41y 3m 5d)
MAURICE TRINTIGNANT 1958 Mc (40y 6m 18d)
(40y 3m 3d)

4. Louis Chiron is the oldest man to enter a World Championship race. What was unique about his Monaco victory in 1931?

He was the only Monegasque winner of the Monaco GP; his record as oldest GP driver was set in the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix.

(Will any Monaco driver from this year continue to the 2034 race? Doubt it!)

5. How was Luigi Fagioli younger at the time he led his last race than at the time he won his only race?

Fagioli got out of the winning car on lap 24 of the 1951 French GP and handed it over to Fangio who took the win. So Fagioli won with a shared drive, having never led!

6. Who is the oldest driver to start a Grand Prix in the decade 2000-09?

Luca Badoer

7. The oldest ever podium was at the Swiss GP of 1950? How many years was the average age?

46 years

Farina (43), Fagioli (51), Rosier (44)

8. The oldest podium in 1990-2009 was at the 1991 Spanish GP. Name the three drivers on the podium for 1/3 of a point each.

Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Riccardo Patrese

9. Which Grand Prix before the mid-season break of 2010 had the oldest average podium age?

Turkey - Hamilton, Button & Webber

10. In the 60 seasons of Formula One, how many World Championships were won by an over 30 (on the day he claimed the title)?

40 - from Mika Hakkinen (just in, 1998) up to Fangio (46 in 1957)
2 1/6th for me (damn you TBY and your fractional questions) - I must say that is a lot better than I thought I would do when I first read through it.
3 I'm quite impressed with that even though 2 of them were guesses.

Who was the oldest person to win a championship? I'm assuming it was Fangio, Is Mr Schumacher likely to last long enough to challenge for that record?
Fangio is first, second and third at the ages of 46, 45 and 44. If Schuey won a title before the end of his three year contract he'd be in sixth behind Nino Farina and Fangio again.
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