The Official Mini Fantasy Cup Game Thread


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Not as pretty but far easier to manage and quicker to fix. Can't remember the last time I've written something in BBCode.


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Sorry mate. I just had to prove the table formatting would work. You'll turn it around in your next fixture I'm sure.


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*adopts tone for media*

"We are very happy and upbeat about our progress at Rasputin's Greatest Love Machines and we are moving forward all the time"

In all seriousness though I'm the lowest ranked competitor in this competition. If this was real F1 then you'd be trying to phase me out and I wouldn't be allowed to contribute to the thread.

I'm kind of at a dead end with my team this year as I'm too committed into a strategy thats not really paying off but realisticly I can't see what changes I can make. I just have to hope Vettel and Ferrari hit a purple patch.


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Group APlayedWonDrawLostPoints Diff
Jos the Boss1100+74

Group BPlayedWonDrawLostPoints Diff
Dash Racing0000+0

I preferred the obscenely large fonted version.


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Dear RasputinLives,

With regards to your recent comments requesting a change in the rules to the OMFCG™ Techincal Regulations in order to support the progression of the smaller teams, the OMFCG™ Strategy Group has met at the recent Canadian Grand Prix, and our decisions are hereby published.
  • You will no longer be allowed to tweet your drivers, or #AskCrofty, at any point during a race weekend, unless you discuss non-performance related informations.
  • The bonus point system will be made available only to the undersigned teams.
  • OMFCG™ Management™ will be paid a further 10% of all fees.
  • There will be some new centralised components
    • Jos the Boss will provide a live weather feed three days after the race
    • jez101 will provide a common ECU in the form of a totally blank Excel Spreadsheet
  • You will be allowed one less power unit per season, as monitored by sushifiesta, and one engine can be detonated at random by OMFCG™ Management™ in order to spice up The Show™.
  • Your power unit must be provided by teabagyokel, jez101, Mephistopheles or Greenlantern101 - if you choose the former two you have a decent power unit but be incapable and not permitted to beat their works team, choose the latter and you become a works team with a barely functioning lawnmower engine in the back.
  • Double points for the final race
  • To help you increase sponsor revenue, we will decimate the TV audience and then not show your cars anyway.
  • In order to avoid a clash with other racing series, only members of the Strategy Group will be allowed to use the letter E. (Phased transition to the ban on LMP).


OMFCG™ Management™

teabagyokel, jez101, Jos the Boss, Sakari, sushifiesta
Permanent Members of OMFCG™ Strategy Group

Generally Ignored Temporary Member of OMFCG™ Strategy Group.

Dash Racing

Points Scorer
Dear OMFCG™ Management™,

As one of the only teams to publically support Rasputin's Greatest Love Machines, Dash Racing can only conclude we were excluded from the OMFCG™ Strategy Group meeting for one of two reasons:
1) Dash Racing is a rookie team and therefore knows nothing, or
2) supporting whining backmarkers is grounds for exclusion.

If it is the former, we will bow to the will of the strategy group, as this situation will resolve itself next year.

If it is the latter, Dash Racing is willing to revoke its direct support of Rasputin's Greatest Love Machines in exchange for a position in the OMFCG™ Strategy Group. Dash Racing currently enjoys good ECU and engine support from jez101, and naturally will vote as it is told to vote, as it does not wish to be relegated to using a Mephistopheles or Greenlantern101 engine.

Kind regards,
Dash Racing


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Dear Teams

As OMFCG™ Management™ I reserve the right to make arbitrary decisions that will maximise the profit generated for my holding company (which I do not run in any way HMRC !!). I suggest you hold your little meetings, agree to disagree, propose some ideas aimed at maximising your own profits and get on with racing throughout the season. In short, I hear what you're saying and quite frankly, I've been there, seen that and done it all before. You will stamp and shout and threaten a break away series but when it comes down to it, you will all come crawling back to the Mini Fantasy Cup, exhaust pipes between your legs and willing to accept what ever pitiful terms I choose to bestow on you. I am your Emperor and Master. you can do nothing to defeat me and I will go on forever and ever.

Please have a nice afternoon.

Kind Regards

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