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Coutries such as the UK, France, Italy etc. have had many drivers in F1 but some countries have only had a few. This quiz is about all the countries who have had less than 5 F1 drivers.

Under the spoiler is a list of all the drivers who have driven in F1 for that country. For a point you just need to know one of them and only one point per question.

Some may be a little easier than others :D

1. Uruguay

Oscar Gonzalez, Eitel Cantoni, Asdrubal Fontes Bayardo, Alberto Uria

2. Venezuala

Jonny Cecotto, Ettore Chimeri, Pastor Maldonado

3. Monaco

Louis Chiron, Andre Testut, Olivier Beretta

4. Liechtenstein

Rikky von Opel

5. Czech Republic

Thomas Enge

6. India

Karun Chandook, Narain Karthikeyan

7. Colombia

Roberto Guerrero, Ricardo Londono, Juan Pablo Montoya

8. Poland

Robert Kubica

9. Thailand

Prince Bira

10. Rhodesia

John Love, Clive Puzey, Sam Tingle, Ray Reed, Gary Hocking

Each question was supposed to have a little flag but I can't work out how to get the image in the spoiler :-(
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I’m afraid I can only lay claim to a score of 2.
When I saw some of the answers I was embarrassed that I didn’t get them.
Good quiz, I scored 4
Final question does not fit your criterion of having less than (I'll overlook the fact that it should be "fewer") 5 drivers.
7 - pretty happy. never in million years would have got Uruguay or Lichtenstein. never knew they had racing drivers
Got my defunct countries wrong going from Jody Schetker
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