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With the Malaysian GP up-and-coming and cider_and_toast taking a sabbatical (good luck to him!), it is my turn to do the GP quiz. Malaysia is, of course, far more difficult to do than Australia due to lack of motorsport heritage, but here goes...

  1. A F2 Malaysian GP was held at the Shah Alam circuit in 1977. Which some-time F1 driver won it?

    Patrick Tambay (for BMW-March)
  2. Which was the first F1 Malaysian Grand Prix not won by Ferrari?

    2002, ironically
  3. And which team won it?

    BMW Williams got a one-two spearheaded by Ralf Schumacher.
  4. Which Malaysian Grand Prix winner never won a European F1 Grand Prix?

    Giancarlo Fisichella won early-season fly-aways in Brazil, Australia and Malaysia
  5. Why were the 1967-68 F2 Malaysian Grand Prix cancelled?

    The Thomson Road circuit was in a newly independent Singapore
  6. Alex Yoong is Malaysia's only F1 driver. Name one of the three circuits he failed to qualify within 107% for in 2002?

    Imola, Silverstone and Hockenheim
  7. At which circuit did Yoong win his inagugral A1GP race?

    Shanghai, sprint race 2005-06
  8. How may teams have secured pole position in F1 at Sepang?

    2, Ferrari (7), Renault (3)
  9. Last weeks Australian GP was the 200th by a British driver, yet no British driver has yet won in Sepang. Which country has most wins?

    Germany, 3 by Michael Schumacher and 1 by Ralf...
  10. Who was the last Malaysian GP winner to be eventually crowned World Champion?

    Fernando Alonso, 2005

Next week we pay homage to our first absentee Grand Prix, Argentina!
I got 10 without cheating, but that was only after I cheated when writing the quiz, so I doubt that counts! :snigger: Well done AMR, a suprisingly good performance for someone with the words Andrea and Moda joined in your name!

Anyway, final results will be subject to a stewards enquiry, and since I'm the steward, Speshal is disqualified for not disclosing data! Sorry about that!
Here are my answers:

1 :confused:
2 :unsure:
3 :dunno:
4 :whistle:
5 :bored:
6 :yawn:
9 :embarrassed:

:D I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to facts and figures.
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