The last who will beat whom - Cars 20 & 21

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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As Hispania racing have finally unveiled their car and announced their driver line up it's time for the last "Who will beat whom" poll. So time to vote for either Bruno "I'm not really trading on my family name " Senna or Karun "I won two races in GP2 you know" Chandhok.

For those who can't make up their minds there is the always popular Lavender air freshener option.


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In theory since we know next to nothing about the drivers, the team and the car the sensible option would be a "Too Close to Call" however on GP2 records Bruno should come out on top.


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I've plumped for Bruno as well, simply because I know more about him than the other bloke. As CaT points out, comparing their records in GP2 Senna looks the more accomplished driver but then Kobayashi's record in the full GP2 series isn't sparkling and many of us on here think he may be the next big thing (or the next Andrea de Cesaris LOL )


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Chandhok = cash cow*. Senna = family name sponsorship magnet.

On that basis, I'm going to have to go Senna, who has at least picked up Uncle Ayrton's ability to do what I'll call a Johnny Dumfries.

*Is he a Hindu? If so, surely there are no cash cows...


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All I know about the 2 drivers is that Senna adopted his uncle's surname to promote his career, presumably because his talent is not great enough to stand on its own. Chandhok is a complete mystery to me. Therefore, I will take the air freshener choice (and I think air freshener may come in handy if both drivers stink as badly as I expect them to).


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Not seen much about these two but purely on the basis i believe uncle Senna stated that Brunno was more talented than he was (maybe i dreamed that up) i'm going for Bruno


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When leaving McLaren at the end of 1993, Ayrton Senna said: "If you think I'm fast, just wait until you see my nephew Bruno"

So I'm going to trust Ayrton Senna and like the majority go with Bruno.

siffert_fan said:
Therefore, I will take the air freshener choice (and I think air freshener may come in handy if both drivers stink as badly as I expect them to).
LOL Good one


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I'm going for Karun Chandhok. Call it sheer bloody mindedness if you like, but... well yes, it is. :whistle:

Senna! Ha, you're just a name.
C'mon Karun!


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I've went for nephew Bruno. In the unlikely event that Campos Hispania manage to finish a race, I think that young Senna will be best placed to be further ahead


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I think I'll go for Bruno, I have no idea what to expect from either, but Mr aka Senna has a lot to live up to...
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