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Started playing this 2 days ago. I have never been so nervous paying a game. The landscapes are amazing, its a real stop and look around you experience. Just brilliant...not relaxing...but brilliant.

I am kind of glad I missed this first time around on PS3. Loving the PS4 version.

Zombies, zombies everywhere.

Think I'm going to pass on this one.

I don't really like the mechanics/gameplay.

It reminds me of Resident Evil, which I also didn't get on with.
Might I interest you in Far Cry 4? A whimsical waltz through a war torn fictional country just north of India. The style is much friendlier than a zombie game, and even has some refreshing humor to cleanse the pallet. The open world aspect allows for fun exploration and (actual) freedom to complete missions and side quests the way you want to do it.

Co-op options allow you to bring a friend into the world for double the antics and double the fun.

A WPI (West Power Index) score of 9/10.
Westy I've not actually signed in on the PS4 yet due to the stupid denial of service attack at Christmas. I will try and remember to do that LOL
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Oh my god. Had to take a time out and suck it up.
'The last of us' is amazing. Couldn't believe a lead character shot himself. Did not expect that.
This is like game of thrones for ps4 'everyone dies'
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Okay, how do you kill a bloater if you don't have Molotov cocktails? And how do you get out of the room it first appears in?!
Okay, how do you kill a bloater if you don't have Molotov cocktails?
That's not something you hear every day :D

I'm going to try and get back into this now that I've finished the (very disappointing) GTA V.

I need to finish my second run through of CoD: AW first though, which is very enjoyable.
That will be the third run through.

I always do it as a very basic run through first, then I take my time and have a look around for the intel, then I do it a third time on higher difficulty.

I do wonder what this version is like online with all the weird perks.

Oops! Getting off topic now...
Finished this now :(

Great game. Love the way it ended. Its crying out for a follow up.

Hamberg shooting bloaters is next to pointless, bombs and molotovs are the way to go. I always kept a few back just in case.
I need to try more games but I'm fully hooked on GTA online. My neighbour has this though so might borrow it for a few nights.
This game is annoying me more and more.

There I am creeping around, stealthily taking targets down and then for no reason, the stupid bint I am with will open fire, causing us to be overwhelmed and killed.

Can't I just put one in her head or something?
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