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The perfect F1 venue: Clip the Apex demands a traditional, overtaking circuit, Bernie demands "in Asia". So Suzuka it is. Japan: fantastic tracks, crap drivers. Here comes the quiz:

  1. Michael Schumacher has won 6 Japanese Grand Prix. How many has the next best driver won?

    Only 2 for Berger, Senna, Hill, Hakkinen and Alonso
  2. Ayrton Senna's penultimate Grand Prix victory and finish was at Suzuka in 1993, where 4 past or future World Champions finished top 4: [Senna, Prost, Hakkinen, Hill]. Who finished fifth?

    Rubens Barrichello - improve that stat!
  3. This year's Japanese Grand Prix is held on the 5th October, the second earliest time in history. In which year did the Japanese GP move into September.

  4. McLaren are the most sucessful constructor in Japan. Senna and Hakkinen won twice each, given Hamilton and Raikkonen name McLaren's two Japanese winners.

    Hunt and Berger
  5. The 2005 Japanese Grand Prix was famous because Giancarlo Fisichella was mugged at the last turn by his now team-mate Kimi Raikkonen. Where did the Finn qualify?

  6. Takuma Sato has scored more points at his home Grand Prix than he has at any other circuit. However, what misfortune has Sato suffered at Suzuka?

    He was DQed for Dangerous Driving in 2005
  7. James Hunt won the 1976 title at the Japanese GP as Niki Lauda withdrew. But who won the race?

    The 1978 World Champion "Super" Mario Andretti
  8. Who is Japan's record GP starter?

    95 GPs of Ukyo Katayama
  9. Japan's record point scorer is Takuma Sato. How many points?

    (a)10-19 (b)20-29 (c)30-39 (d) 40-49 (e) 50-59

    44, point for (d)
  10. What is odd about Masahiro Hisemi's one Grand Prix?

    He got Fastest Lap in the 1976 Japanese GP, in a Kojima, on his way to a 7-lapped 11th, and last, place!
Well up to question 7 I was on 1 and going nowhere then I managed to bag 3 out of the last 4 to finish on 4.

There were some tought hard questions in that one.

No pseudo points or self censorship this week TBY but also a paltry 2 and half

Great stuff, as ever :D
I scored two. :cheer:

After giving my brain cell a good grilling , I managed to work out the answers of two questions, rather than guess (Whistles: I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese)...

...or is my brain cell just deluding me? :simple:

Anyway, Good quiz TBY! :thumbsup:
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