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One of the greatest drivers of all time, and a three-time champion to boot. Time for a quiz on John Young Stewart.

1. Jackie Stewart made his Formula One début on New Years Day 1965 at East London, South Africa. He scored a point. There were 5 British drivers in the top 6. They were Jim Clark, John Surtees, Graham Hill, Mike Spence and Jackie Stewart. Which non-British driver finished 5th?

Bruce McLaren

2. His first victory was at Monza in 1965. Where did he start on the grid?

3rd, behind Jim Clark and John Surtees

3. Stewart scored more points than anyone else in the decade 1965-74. Who was second?

Denny Hulme

4. Stewart is one of only a few drivers to hold the outright wins record in F1, which he held from 1973-1987. The subsequent holders have been Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher. Name the four drivers (exc. Indy 500 winner of 1950) to hold the Grand Prix wins record prior to Stewart (for 1/4 of a point each)

Guiseppe Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alberto Ascari and Jim Clark

5. In the days when 'European Grand Prix' was an honorific title, Stewart won the 1968 European (German) Grand Prix in the rain at the Nurburgring in a car with a Ford Cosworth engine. His sole win as a team principal was at the 1999 European Grand Prix in the rain at the Nurburgring in a car with a Ford Cosworth engine. However, Stewart's win was at the old track. Herbert won the 1999 race by 22 seconds. What was the margin of Stewart's win in 1968? (Within 30 seconds)

4 minutes and 3 seconds from a Monaco specialist (Graham Hill, Jarno Trulli...)

6. Stewart missed the start of the 1972 Belgian Grand Prix ill, despite being on the entry list. Which other future World Champion appeared on the entry list but not the grid?

Mario Andretti of Ferrari

7. Jackie Stewart is the only driver to have ended his career having started 99 races. Which fellow great finished with 199 races under his belt?

Alain Prost

8. Stewart's final race was the confusing 1973 Canadian "Safety Car" Grand Prix. Of the 26 entries, how many did not have a Ford Cosworth engine?

4, one Ferrari and three BRMs

9. Who won the Constructors' Championship in Stewart's final WDC year?


10. Stewart GP, in its three years of existence gained 47 points. How many were in 1999?

36. (1 point for 35-37, 1/2 point for 33-39)
A reasonable 3 3/4.

For a while there I thought it was going to be a big fat Zero.

(you may just want to check what you've written for your answer to question 8 though TBY.)
teabagyokel said:
OK, that is embarassing. I know what I meant to put!

Yeah, I guessed that was what you meant. LOL

I'm glad about that though because it was one of my points so I'd have lost one otherwise. :thumbsup:
I'm astonished to have got 3 3/4 as having read them through a couple of times I thought I was on for a zero. Brilliant as ever TBY :thumbsup:
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