The end of Cosworth in Formula One


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With the announcement that Marussia will switch to Ferrari engines in 2014, this will be Cosworth's last season in Formula One.
Their comeback has, to put it bluntly, been a disaster.

Of course we all know that their return was only due to Mosley forcing the new teams to use Cosworth engines ( but quite frankly, Cosworth would have been better off not entering into such a deal.

I suppose we should be thankful that Williams were powered by them in 2010 and 2011, scoring 69 and 5 points respectively, because the three "new" teams are still yet to score a point, with or without Cosworth power.

The sad fact is no-one is going to miss them and all of their past glories are now besmirched with their record over the past four years, particularly amongst newer or casual viewers.
It's sad that their return was under such circumstances. I will miss them. Even though they added little to the sport, they were still there.
I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they made another comeback in the future. Manufacturers come and go, always have and always will, and when the engine supply runs short, there aren't many independent builders like Cosworth around any more. The great thing about Cosworth is precisely that they don't particularly care what the general public thinks about their products - they sell engines and make a profit from it, they're not involved in a grand marketing exercise. Hence providing an invaluable resource to tail-end teams who Mercedes wouldn't touch with a 70ft barge-pole.

As for the absence of any decent results since, 2010 or indeed, really, since 1994, I'd suggest the quality of the cars they were expected to push along was not of the top drawer. In many cases, not of any drawer at all.
I'm assuming this is only a 1 year deal?

Cause Marussia get supplied by Mclaren technology and stuff, so would assume they'll follow them in using Honda engines in 2015?
The great days of Cosworth in F1 ended with the DFV in 1982. Mosley's idea of a DFV for the new generation was never going to work and I feel it was more of a back door route to a standard engine regulation. It's a shame that the name won't be around in F1 for a while but not much more than that.

Cosworth have always held a long association in F1 with Ford and I imagine that any comeback to the sport in the future would be better by resuming the links for both parties.
Sad news, but it was always going to happen really, I don't think the casual viewers would take much notice really as Cosworth were never really mentioned as the 'new' teams were never on the pace
You have too remember that although Cosworth has won a lot of F1 races (Second only to Ferrari.) they were never an engine or a car manufacturer they were and are an engine tuning company mostly associated with Ford (As was Ghia who just added the trimmings to the basic models until Ford bought them out.), just like Hemi don't make bespoke engines, they just tune them....
Sorry to see the end of Cosworth involvement in F1, at least for now. However, their current efforts remind me of Schumacher's return--a sad affair that only served to tarnish what had been a truly stellar history.

I still consider the heyday of the DFV to have been the most enjoyable era of F1 that I have seen. Their presence made possible the creation of so many teams, including Williams, Tyrrell, Surtees and Hesketh, and ensured the survival of other teams such as the fledgling McLaren and the downward-trending Brabham by allowing them to concentrate all of their efforts on making a competitive chassis, safe in the knowledge that, with the DFV and a Hewland gearbox, they had a very competitive powertrain.
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