Gaming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I've never played an Elder Scrolls game but I recently watched the videos from E3 and I have to say the game's engine and graphics look amazing. Might have to put it on my Christmas list...
Definitely worth trying if you've never played one before.

Everything you can see in the distance exists, it's not just backdrop.
The worlds are absolutely huge, with tons of places underground too.

Be prepared to lose hundreds of hours of your life though...
I don't want to appear a ludite but I've looked at this thread and its title quite a few time and I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ok...I've got Skyrim. Spent the whole day playing it yesterday with the lady (she likes RPG's)! My life as I knew it is now over.
Stunning game. Totally sublime.
I've decided to wait for the GOTY edition.
As it's SP only, I won't lose out buying it later.

It also gives me time to finish Fallout: New Vegas.
I've got the book too. It's nearly 700 pages long (and in tiny print). If you wait a year to buy it then you'll probably complete it by around 2015 I reckon! There's literally hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay possible. *Gulp*
Had a go on this using my mate's "benchmark" PC (he runs about 8 cores and 4 graphics cards, apparently - I say apparently because I glaze over when he starts in on his nerd porn...).

Looked very pretty (you could almost smell the dung!), though the character animation was a bit shonky wrt the environment (characters sliding unconvincingly over the scenery, mostly). Found the fact that you stripped dead enemies down to their shreddies slightly disturbing, and really didn't like the sword-fighting mechanic very much - but then again, I much prefer unloading a G63 or an ACR on a target from a respectable distance away!

Not for me sadly - I'll wait for Borderlands 2 (or start Farcry 2 with a new character perhaps?:thinking:)
I received my copy today.

I was going to wait for the GOTY edition but my Elite died on Saturday night with an E74 fault >:(

So I ordered a new 250GB S from The Hut on Sunday for £170.
Then on Monday a friend pointed me to a deal on Amazon which was Xbox 250GB S, 12 months Live, Halo CE Anniversary for £170 and an extra £20 for Skyrim.

Well, it would have been rude not to :D
Damn those pesky followers, always getting killed. I'm not sure how you managed to get her killed by a Mud crab.

Best bit of advice I can give you though is find a girl called Mjoll. She's a tough old bird, tall blonde and can slay dragons on her own while you sit around chopping wood or making jewellery.

The best thing about her though, she is classed as an essential character and can't be killed no matter what you throw at her. I ended up marrying her,

although she wasn't amused when I turned into a werewolf.
It wasn't a mud crab, it was a bunch of chauros, or whatever they're called.

Handy tip, don't venture into any underground areas which contain groups of them when you're only level 6 :D

It took me about two hours of sneak attacking with a bow and arrows, which only cause 9 points of damage each time.
The upside is I levelled up my sneak by about 15 points and archery by about 5.
Yeah the Chauros are pretty nasty, wait till you see the bigger ones!

Apparently there are even bigger ones in the Dawnguard expansion....
The only thing I really hate about these games is a lot of action takes place underground where it's dark, so it's very hard to see anything.

I managed to find an enchanted helmet in Oblivion which gave me night vision - if only there was something suitable in Skyrim.
I've actually just switched Skyrim back on, I've done a lot in the game already, not sure whether to complete all the trophies with this character or restart with a new one?
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