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A Quiz on Title Deciders, you say? Thats exactly what is coming up. With the Brazilian GP being the 60th coronation, it is time to celebrate it and the previous 59!

  1. The Brazilian GP has been the title decider for 5 consecutive years as of 2009. What is the only other GP with 5 consecutive deciders?

    Japan from 1987-91 for Piquet, Senna, Prost, Senna and Senna.
  2. What is the most times that a nations' GP has decided the title?

    11, Italy and Japan.
  3. Who is the only driver to win the title at his home GP?

    Sorry, Felipe, its Nino Farina at Monza in 1950.
  4. On 5 occasions the title was won at a Grand Prix not named after a country. Name the three Grand Prix involved.

    Piquet and Rosberg at Las Vegas GP in 1981-82, Prost at Brands Hatch in the 1985 European GP, and Schumacher at the Pacific GP in 1995, as well as Jacques Villeneuve at Jerez in 1997 in the European GP
  5. Who was the first person to win a decisive Championship race and not win the Championship?

    Stirling Moss won the 1955 British GP, with Fangio second and Champion
  6. Name the two drivers to win the title in South Africa.

    Graham Hill (1962) and Nelson Piquet (1983)
  7. Benetton won both the 1989 and 1990 Deciders after a collision between Senna & Prost. When a Benetton collided with Damon Hill for Schumacher to win the 1994 title, who won the race?

    The returned Nigel Mansell
  8. The decisive and legendary 1957 German GP was won by a brilliant performance from Juan Manuel Fangio. There was a Formula 2 category in that race. Which driver who would win his own F1 Championship within 10 years, was in the F2?

    Jack Brabham - champion just 2 years later!
  9. The World Title has been won in the last two years by British drivers in car #22 (in Mercedes finishing fifth at the Brazilian GP with yellow helmets). Who else has won the Championship in car #22.

    Fangio was assigned #22 for the 1951 and 56 deciders!
  10. Who finished in exactly the same position in the 2008 and 2009 Brazilian GPs?

    Sebastien Vettel

    The 2008/9 GPs both had: 1st - driver for highest team who did not win WDC [Web/Mas]
    2nd - 3rd place in previous years WDC [Alo/Kub]
    3rd - Last year's WDC [Rai/Ham]
    4th - Sebastien Vettel in car #15
    5th - British winner in car #22 [Ham/But]
OK, I'll set the benchmark.
After careful consideration of the questions, I scored 3.666666666666667!* :thankyou:

* Or, more sensibly put, three and two thirds.

Why two thirds? That part of my score came from Q4, where I got two out of the three parts correct. :rolleyes:
Brogan said:
I did get 2 of the GPs in question 4 correct but not the years.

You mean I was supposed to get the years as well! :o

Errr... Scratch my .6666666666667! Make my score 3 then! :embarrassed:
Well I astonished myself with a massive 4, or 4 2/3 if you count only getting the Grand Prix names in Q4.
Question 4 dispute

You do not need to name the year(s) to get the third of a point for Question 4. You only need to name the non-national Grand Prix, eg. Abu Dhabi GP (its in the UAE!)
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