The CTA "Very Worst Of" Race Grid


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As the antidote to the best of race grid I would like to propose a worst of. To kick you off I would like to propose cars No. 1 & 2 the Ferrari 312 T5 from 1980 with Jody & Gilles at the wheel. This has to have been the worst car ever given to defending World Champion and even the brilliant Villeneuve couldn't make this bag of suds go like a racing car.

I would like to nominate the Mastercard Lola team from 1997.

Even that chunk of junk that ran as a Life in 1990 actually made it to more GP

1 Did not start and 1 Did not practice before departing forever. Says it all.

Stupid sponsoship scheme, Ugly paint job and rubish over weight car. To cap it all it virtually destroyed whatever credability Lola had left.
This Thread would not be complete with out the legendary losers Andrea Moda,

*Excluded form there first race for not paying the WC entrance fee and trying to pass themselves off as Coloni
*Missed the second race because there new cars were not ready
*Perry McCarthy was excluded before the next race because he did not have a superlicense
*Roberto Moreno only qualified once, which was a miracle jesus himself would of been proud of
*Before The Canadian GP, a suspected case of arson destroyed Sassetti's discotheque on the east coast of Italy, and as he fled from the flames, a gunman shot at him, but missed. As if that was not enough of a nuisance, when he showed up in Montreal, he discovered that the two S921 chassis were there - but the Judd V10 engines were not!
*Missed the French GP because they could not get to the circuit
*In august that year the FIA threatened to throw them out because they were so bad
*Roberto Moreno failed to even set a time in Germany and then was excluded after missing the weigh-in
*In Hungary they deliberately made sure Perry McCarthy did not get into Qualifying by only bringing him for pre-qualifying 45 seconds before the end of Pre-Qualifying
*In there last ever attempt to race, Roberto Moreno was a whole 14sec of the pole time and Perry McCarthy was a further 10sec behind him after send him out in an unsafe car which had lexing steering arm which the team already knew about! and then Sassetti as if things could not get any weirder got arrested for fraud by forging invoices. They turned up at Monza hoping to race and the FIA turned them away from the paddock and was promptly banned from F1 for bringing the sport into disrepute.

For all the wrong reasons Andrea Moda well and truly Rule!
The expert guide on how not to run an Formula One team
The 1994 Pacific team,

Failed to qualify at most races, the ones they did qualify for were mostly by default and my granny could of driven faster then poor old Belmondo
BMW Sauber 2009. They have two very capable drivers and have actually scored a podium this season. The almighty blunder of abandoning a very promising title challenge in 2008 to concentrate on the 2009 car is bad enough on its own but to then come up with an absolute dog of a car just compounds the misery.

(Surely the Honda 'Earth' car can't be omitted from this grid either :snigger: )
We cannot ignore the Honda Earth Car, a car with a paint job so hideous it made Al Gore put the lights on. It turned up to the first race in Australia and was outqualified by the 2006 car in Super Aguri colours!
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