The Christmas & New Year Quiz


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Merry Christmas everybody, and welcome to the Apex Clipping Christmas Quiz! Enjoy as always!

  1. Wilson Fittipaldi was born on Christmas Day. What was his best result in F1?

    5th at the Nordschliefe in 1973
  2. There are only three World Championship drivers born on Christmas Day but there were more on New Years' Day. Which Minardi driver was the most recent?

    Zsolt Baumgartner, born on 1 January 1981 in Debrecen (they played Liverpool in the Champions League!)
  3. The most successful of the NYD births was Jacky Ickx. At which circuit was his first win?

    Rouen-les-Essarts in 1968
  4. The nearest GP to Christmas was the 1963 SAGP in East London on the 28th December. Jim Clark lapped the entire field except for which driver?

    Dan Gurney

    From here, the links to Christmas get tenuous!

  5. There was never a Mr. Claus in F1, but there was a Mr. Claes. Johnny Claes. What nationality was he?

    He was a Belgian who raced from 1950-55 before dying of tuberculosis in London in 1956. His best result was 7th in the crash-hit Monaco GP of 1950 and in the 1951 Belgian GP!
  6. The nation of Santa, Finland, has been quite successful in recent years of F1! It did not have a driver until the 1974 Swedish GP, when Leo Kinnunen (the last F1 driver with an open-faced helmet) drove for which team?

  7. Christmas includes mention of St. Nick. So which race did St. Nick Heidfeld score his only 2nd place grid slot?

    2007 Hungarian GP (he didn't qualify 2nd)
  8. Of course, Christmas dinner involves making a turkey. Where did Felipe Massa come on his return to Turkey when he didn't have a winning car in 2009?

  9. Christmas dinner also may include Brussels sprouts. And sprouting from Brussels was Thierry Boutsen! With which team did he score his first podium?

    Arrows, at the 1985 San Marino GP!
  10. Christmas also has Christmas crackers! And, talking of crackers... Juan Pablo Montoya! Given Ralf & Kimi name his other two team-mates in F1

    Williams stand-ins Marc Gene and Tony Pizzonia!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
A very sad 2 for me as well. Great trivia knowledge TBY, as always - you also answered a question I have wondered about for years on who was the last driver to use an open face helmet so many thanks :thumbsup:
Well, as I got a big fat ZERO :disappointed: , I've decided to wrap it up and give it away. Soooo, if anyone has felt left out this year and would like a present, they can have my quiz score! :D
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