The C-Team


No passing through my dirty air please
In 2013 a team of top motor racing drivers were granted super licences they didn't deserve. They promptly escaped in various classes of top class single seater racing. Now wanted by the FIA they live their lives as drivers of misfortune. If you need an incident or a safety car and no one else can help, and they haven't gone out at the first corner then maybe you should call......THE C TEAM!!!!


Flavio 'master of disguise (ing the truth)' Braitore

Pastor 'Howling mad' Maldonado

Romain 'The Faceman' Grosjean

and introducing James Caledo as Mr C.

He ain't living you no space fool!

*I was thinking of this and laughing at myself. I might consider writing it for fun but thought I'd share the intro in case I can't be arsed*
Yes! Thats much better The Pits

Apparently these 4 were locked in Grosjean's garage before qualifying with a load of scrap metal, some boxes and a load of copper wire and when they unlocked the garage they'd completely rebuild his car and it was faster.
Version 1 - Flav as "Face-ing The Truth
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