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During weeks off, we intend to run quizzes regarding races that are no longer on the F1 calendar or countries of interest or anything else that takes our fancy. So this weekend will see the first Clip the Apex non-Grand Prix, to be held in Buenos Aires. I can almost see Brundle's emptygridwalk! So here is the quiz on the Grand Prix of Argentina.

  1. The Argentinian GP has been run in 3 spells in F1, which was the longest?

    1972-1981, with the exception of 1976
  2. How many Argentine drivers won their home GP?

    One, the legend that is J.M. Fangio
  3. How did Carlos Reutemann mark his d├ębut in the 1972 Argentinian Grand Prix?

    He started from pole
  4. What was Reutemann's best finish in Argentina?

    2nd, for Williams in 1981 and for Lotus in 1979
  5. 1956 saw a shared win for J.M. Fangio and Luigi Musso, for which team?

  6. Only three drivers won more than one Argentinian GP in F1. One was Fangio, one was in the 1970s and one in the 1990s, name both!

    Emerson Fittipaldi in 1973 and 1975
    Damon Hill in 1995 and 1996
  7. Who was the last Argentinian F1 driver?

    Gaston Mazzacane, of Prost and Minardi
  8. Three Argentinians have won F1 races, Fangio, Reutemann and who?

    Jose-Frolian Gonzalez, in Britain in 1951 and 1954 for Ferrari
  9. Which was the last Argie-won race?

    Reutemann's win for Williams in Belgium in 1981
  10. Who was the last Argentinian to score points in F1?

    Surprisingly, Reutemann in South Africa 1982 - he finished second to Alain Prost

Next week, I struggle to string 10 questions together about China, which is why these absentee GPs are such a boon! You might find questions about culture and anything other than F1 if it'll help get a quiz together next week!
OK, this is McZiderRed's version of Argentinian GP history. Witness history re-written before your very eyes!!

Answers -

1. 1970's

2. One

3. He bagged a DNF

4. Third

5. Mercedes

6. 1970's - Niki Lauda
1990's - a bloke in a mclaren?

7. General Galtieri - he drove the UK to war!

8. The name escapes me, maybe because I never knew it?

9. Jerez?

10. The last Argie that raced. For his name see answer 7.

Apart from my version of history, did I get any right? :snacks:
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