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How did you rate the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix out of ten

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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Perfect weekend from Lewis. Loved seeing Stroll get his first points. Good fight with the resurgent Force Indias. Ocon was hard done by. Entertaining.

8 - Great race.

Hamilton was on a different Sunday afternoon to everyone else.

Ocon should be punching Perez right about now.

Entertainment pretty much every lap.
Enjoyed that but only a 7. Some sort of race at the front would have made it even better.
It looked like it had been spoilt when Vettel had to change his front wing at the end of the first lap but it made for some exciting racing later on. And once again Alonso was there for a point only for an engine to go with only a couple of laps tp go. I wonder if he has thought of just doing a very slow lap in Q1; it might just get him to the finish line on Sunday.
10 - Lewis on to a well managed, and controlled race win. A perfect ending for a very special weekend for him, especially after receiving that extraordinary gift from the Senna family.

Ocon a star in the future. Showed good race pace in a car, that really isn't a front runner.
How awesome is Patrick Stewart? Can we have him at every GP please? Liberty media sign him up please? Maybe he can bring Ian Mckellen along with him to go Monaco (THOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!).

Anyways an 8 for the race. Forgot about the Mercs but great scrap with Ricciardo, Force India's and Ferrari's and unlike most of these things it actually had an outcome.
Not bad that. Missing a bit of up front action, but enjoyed Vettel's burn from the stern, Kvyat's immaculate grip of Anglo Saxon and the Pink Panthers having a go at each other. Lots of fun, topped off with the incomparable Patrick Stewart on the podium sipping bubbly from Danny Ric's boot. Definitely worthy of an 8.
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