Formula 2 The 2013 season


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Well hello, gp2 nuts.

Well the season is just around the corner the calendar has been announced. They'll follow F1 to the following venues:

Great Britain
Abu Dhabi.

The following drivers have already been confirmed to teams:
Dams - Markus Ericsson and Stephane Richelmi
Lotus - James Calado and Daniel Abt
Arden - Johnny Cecotto Jnr and ??
Racing Eng - ????? and ?????
Carlin - Felipe Nasr and Jolyon Palmer
Isport - ????? and ?????
Caterham - ????? and ?????
Barwa - ????? and Rio Haryanto
Rappax - Stefano Coletti and ?????
Triddent - ????? and ?????
Ocean - ????? and ?????
Venezuela - ????? and ?????
MP Motorsport - Daniel de Jong and ?????

I'm looking forward to the season and I think we could see the first Brit since Lewis Hamilton to win the Title in Calado.

This season is the ninth year since the series was born what are you looking forward too?
Interestingly, Calado has a much better results history across a range of formulas than Max Chilton. Might indeed be worth a punt.
I'm hoping Felipe Nasr can improve this year, even challenge for the title. He had a few moments of brilliance last year.
Here is Nasr passing 2 cars on the last corners at Spa.
Just watching the first race.

It looks like nothing changes in GP2 - the driving standards are still amateur at best and the deliberate swipe during qualifying yesterday was worthy of a ban, not just disqualification.
Haven't waded in on this one yet so nows the time.

Wins for Liemer and Colleti were a bit meh weren't they? I guess what we're looking for is a rookie to come in and blow us away. Mitch Evans didn't quite do that but he had an impressive weekend to say he had food poisioning. Watching Conor Daly with a bit of interest too.

If its not the rookies then you have to go for the softmores and the two stand outs are poles apart. James Caledo is in the Eric Boullier stable and we will see him in F1 one day he's mighty quick but boy is he a bit of a nutter. Makes Maldonado look like an advert for road safety. I'm pretty sure their are game of thrones style whispers of 'Caledo is coming' going round the F1 pitlane.

The other is Felipe Nasr who looks a very handy racer when it comes to race craft. Not sure on his pace though but I do seem to be willing him on when I watch GP2 so I must be a fan.

Hope its one of those guys that wins the title not Liemer or Colleti.

Wasn't Erikson a dissapointment?
Have to agree with you Brogan. I thought he might calm down this year but after his first lap incident at Malaysia and seeing him get out the car and have a go at the driver he'd hurtled into like a missile I have to conclude he hasn't.

He's in Eric Boulliers driver stable though so he will end up in F1. Probably at Enstone.
Just a few spots of rain for practice this morning. Fabio Leimer destroyed everyone by a full second.

Alexander Rossi was immediately on the pace and finished P4, nearly a half second ahead of his teammate Canamassas.
Impressive by Rossi today! adding him and Frinjs to the series will spice it up.

Still failing to get excited about the front battle between old hands Leimer and Colletti though.

Also still confused after years of watching them whether Palmer and Bird are good drivers with a lot of bad luck or they bring about their own downfall.

Thumbs up for Quaffe-Hobbs as although I've never rated him he had a really good race today.
From recent years, it's usually the 'old hands' that win the series.

I personally would like to see Ericsson to win it.
Nasr is consistent but not overly fast.
Calado seems nowhere, last year he was quite good, a lot of talk of the team being quite behind.
Rossi is a good addition.

My underdog is Berthon, just because the way the commentator tries to be French by pronouncing his name.
Caledo was on it in the feature race but yes he seemed to be way down the field today.

I think Erikson has the best car but seems to have managed to stuff it up in all 3 races.

I think Nasr is deceptivly quick and a steady hand. Would like to see him in F1 someday.
Fantasic finish to the sprint race this morning. Victory for Brit Sam Bird chased down by Felipe Nasr finishing just 0.08 seconds apart. Loving that Nasr is improving this year he caught my eye last year,I just think he is the real deal, F1 material.
Thought Nasr was gonna have a go in the final corner. Probably would have come to tears for both though.

On another note, James Calado continues to drive balls out in every situation vs every driver.
Ahhh I was looking for this thread earlier, couldn't find it anywhere.

Bird in a car that had no testing to win was nice Nasr would have had in 1 more corner tho - 4 Brits in the top 8 is nice and the latter battle was nice.

Nasr to F1.... maybe but it'll be confusing - Felipe Nasr and Felipe Massa, sounds the same to me. ;)
Caledo is either awesome or takes out half the grid.

Great finish and good GP2 come back from Bird. More and more impressed with Nasr everytime I see him. Very intelligent tactics wise.

Tip my hat to Quaffe-Hobbs once again the boy is better than I thought.

What a drive from the guy, first weekend back in GP2 and he scores a 6th and a victory :). So happy he's back, he's such a brilliant racer and should defo get the chance of going for the title. Hope he does well this year and earns himself a decent drive in F1 next season :).
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