The 2012 Season


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So it's down to two drivers for the WDC, with Vettel leading Alonso by 10 points and Red Bull only needing 4 points to take the WCC.

I can't really see past another double for Red Bull.


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That's 'cos you're a pessimist Bro.

I am offering up prayers and making sacrifices for Nando WDC

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The way the weather has gone in the States this year snow is not impossible. That would suit F1 cars, they have a snow plough on the front already.


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Snow in Somerset today so who knows what Austin might give us.


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Not really Bill, simply commenting on the odd weather pattens at the moment.


That is really surprising, considering they're the best three drivers in F1 in three top cars.


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So if Vettel finishes at least foruth in Brazil, he's the WDC.
Alonso needs to be in the top three to be in with any chance at all, and then hope Vettel is at least 14 points behind.


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Whatever happens next week we're watching history: there's going to be a new 3x WDC, the only thing that can change is if it's going to be the youngest 3x WDC or a 3x WDC with the longest amount of time between his 2nd and 3rd WDC. Pretty exciting if you ask me.


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I found this interesting:

WDC-standings of the 2nd half of the season (between the Top-Teams):

SV 163 Pts.
RAI 108 Pts.
ALO 106 Pts.
HAM 98 Pts.
BUT 95 Pts.
MAS 84 Pts.
WEB 47 Pts.
GRO 35 Pts.

Most particularly, Raikkonen, Grosjean Massa and Webber.

You would expect Raikkonen to have scored less as Lotus have been off the boil,
Grosjean has been abysmal.
Massa is only 21 points behind Alonso, give him the two 3rd places from Korea and USA the gap would be 15.
Webber has 116 points less than Vettel which is a massive difference.
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