The 2012 Season


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Please explain mnmracer, if you are saying that unless Vettel's alternator fails he will be crowned WDC that is nonsense.


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Nine different race winners, five different race winning constructors, 3 points and an incredible year.

2013 has A LOT to live up to!

Edit: Eight winners obviously. I had it in my mind that the Hulk was the ninth :embarrassed:


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Aw Kimi :friends:, what an achievement that would have been. It's still an achievement nonetheless. However that would have been awesome :).


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If one was to be a conspiracist MCLS, we could say that he deliberately did so because Kimi drove a Red Bull sponsored car in the 2010 WRC :)


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Hamiltons 2012 bad luck

Australia: faulty clutch + bad safety car timing - dropped him from 1st to 3rd
Malaysia: slow pitstops - hard to say if they cost him in the end though
China: gear box penalty - cost him at least 2nd
Bahrain: very slow pitstops - cost him 4th for 8th
Spain: McLaren fuel error - cost him pole and a certain win for 8th
Valencia: Maldonado crashed into him - cost him 4th for a DNF
Germany: takes exactly the same line through debris as everyone else but is only driver to get a puncture - puts him out of the points.
Spa: Grosjean crashes into him - hard to say where he would have finsihed, probably 5th/6th
Singapore: gearbox failure - cost him a certain win
Japan: suspension faliure - cost him a possible 3rd place
Korea: rear anti-roll bar faliure + kermit the frog stalls his diffuser - drops him from around 5th to 10th
Abu Dhabi: electronics faliure - cost him another certain win
Brazil: Hulkenburg crashes into him - cost him 1st/2nd

Thats a lot of points,

someone should do one for Schumacher, he had a pretty unlucky time as well


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I think we can all agree that Hamilton has had some pretty torrid luck this year despite driving very well. He should have been in the mix for the title until Brazil.

But ifs and buts don't win cups, and Vettel is the champion.
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