The 1,000MPH car - Bloodhound!


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Although when we are all driving electric cars To Tesco then one of these two may be considered part of the lineage, in terms of the development of technology.
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Indeed so, and the development of electric/electric-hybrid cars isn't going to slow down where as I doubt rocket cars are going to be common place on the M62 in 10 years time.


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Ultimately Jaguar are saving the day by providing several engines to be used as pumps and providing support vehicles. I say good on them. Its going to cost them a fair bit so they get publicity in return. That article would be all fair a above board if it wasn't for the fact it's on the BBC who aren't meant to advertise. Hmm.

Its a bit of a shame to loose the F1 Cosworth engine but its reliability was something I was sceptical of from the start.


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Interesting fact. If this car had a horn on its steering wheel and was travelling at near its top speed, it would hit you before you heard it.
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If anyone has a spare £25 million down the back of the sofa this project can get back on track apparently. So if we all dig out our loose change it should be a goer ;)


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I agree Greenlantern101. The project seems to have been an on going shambles for a good few years now.

When I first started working on the JLR apprentice programme back in 2015, Richard Noble was one of the guest speakers at the Apprentice induction, he said then that the track in South Africa had been cleared and was ready to go.

They've gone through several sponsors, companies have come and gone and not much else has happened.

Very odd.


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To travel at 1000mph on the ground without killing the driver and a PR nightmare costs considerable amount of cash and some very expensive R&D personnel.
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