The 1,000MPH car - Bloodhound!

Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) image of Bloodhound. Check the shock wave ripples off the wheels.
Great image.
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On land speed records Skoda, yes you did read that correctly, hold the World Record for the fastest 2 litre production turbo which topped out at 227 mph. Come on then Bugatti, explain again why you need a gas guzzling 1,000 bhp, W16 monster to top 230!

We assume that the drag has been reduced to the minimum already within the limits of the object concerned if it hadn't then there would be no point in trying to go faster..
If that thing does reach a 1000mph then it will cover the one mile measuring distance in exactly 3.6 seconds..

Come on chaps that's longer than a rather slow F1 pitstop, I recon if you try you can shave a good second or so off of that..
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Although, at least in the case of the Venturi the car is driven at the wheels. The blood hound is essentially a piloted rocket with wings to stop it taking off and wheels to make it go in a straight line.
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