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I'm a little late with the, now traditional, end of season thank you thread.
I usually post them in November (2011, 2012) but I've been extremely busy of late with my other job, real life stuff, writing code for add-ons, etc.

Anyway, without further ado, here is this year's thread.

Many, many thanks to all the staff, past and present, for your time and effort and once again keeping things running smoothly: FB, MCLS, Speshal, teabagyokel, The Pits. Cheers guys.

A special thanks to Galahad for the overtaking data once again. In the current climate of ever-decreasing interest, it is our very own USP.

A renewed thanks to Mike for the overtaking database which has proved invaluable and in addition, the new Fantasy F1 interface which took the game to a whole new level this season.

Thanks also to canis for the ongoing server and support.

Again thanks to ZakspeedYakspeed for the additional prizes (which will hopefully be won this coming year).

As always, the site would be nothing without the members, so huge thanks to all those who continue to use and contribute to the site. Even you Mephistopheles ;)
Thank you for the hard work keeping the site going over the last 5 and a bit years. Especially at the beginning, when participation was a tad sparse... You had to put up with more of my rubbish offerings than is advisable. :whistle:

Thankfully, the participating membership has increased a lot since then... :yes:
Without doubt the best F1 forum to be part of... big thanks to Brogan (the Adrian Newey of CTA), all the Mod's and ex-Mod's, the regulars and the non-regulars who grace these boards ... here's to an "in-out-shake-it-all-about 2014 F1 season" ...

Best wishes to all for the xmas and new year season ... stay warm ... delve a little back into the F1 archives (youtube is a good source) ... or posts by KekeTheKing ... it seems crazy ... but we are in reality only 6 weeks or so away from new car launches ...
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