Super Bowl

I see it as America's cricket. There are so many rules that it is very difficult to explain. I have lived in the States for eight years and it took me a long time to figure it all out.
Brady didn't have a good quater! Ok I'll admit it i have no idea what I'm saying, and I went to bed just before the end of the 1st quater! I didn't even make the half time show!
I didn't catch the first quarter either, we had a power outage which meant it didn't get recorded so I had to catch a replay but I missed the first quarter.

Manning actually had two bad quarters in the second and third quarters, but had a comeback in the fourth, while New England kind of choked I thought in the fourth quarter...
The rules are so complex! I hope next year it's in the holidays or something I would love to watch all of it! And a great De Gea impression for the man who missed the ball for the first touchdown!
If there was an F1 title decider, World Cup final, Champions League final, Six Nations match or Premier League decider with a Madonna concert at half-time, it becomes very likely I would miss the second half.
The half-time show, after watching it on iplayer, was absolutely rubbish.
THIS is a proper half-time show:
It was a fascinating game that either team could have won.

Just wondering whether any other Super Bowl has been won by a touchdown scored by mistake? :D
Just wondering whether any other Super Bowl has been won by a touchdown scored by mistake? :D

I doubt it - but you gotta love his teams' reaction, they were like "aw crap" after he scored LOL

Here it is if anyone's interested in seeing it (don't pay attention to the commentary, it was the best quality video I could find):

I would of been pretty happy at that point...

Nah, they didn't want to score because it gave the Patriots a chance to score a touchdown and win, or try a field goal (scoring 3 points) and making it a tie resulting in overtime. Bradshaw wanted to kneel down at the end there (stopping the play and giving the Pats less time to score - once the guy with the ball touches the ground with his knees, the play is dead) but he fell on his ass in the end-zone instead.
I may no nothing of the sport, but I knew that! Then you got onto kneeling and making play dead and I had no idea with that! and my Dad thought he was just being cheeky! And lastly, at the end when Brady threw it and the clock was at 0, if that guy got it after it bounced up, would it have counted?
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