Str8poll: Kubica in 2008

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Q. Giving marks out of 10 , how would you rate Kubica's performance in 2008?

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Continuing with a small series of poll's regarding the performances of the top drivers so far this season.

Have you been impressed by Kubica so far this year.. or have you been disappointed with his performances ?
Whats been his high point ... whats been the low point ?

Q. How would you rate Kubica's performances in 2008?
I have given him an 8 as although he has driven well, he hasn't exactly set the world alight and he was gifted a win by his team mate.
Bit Harsh with the gifted win thing, He was gunna take Nick sooner or later

10/10, hes fast, showing up his more experienced teammate and consistly out paced him, Is the most consistant Drivers in f1 at the moment, both Drivers from mcLaren and ferrari have made misktakes, and if kubica was in a Ferrari, he would be miles ahead in the Championchip Now.
Yeah, but if it was a driver for another team, it would have been a few laps at least and therefore Nick would have got the win.
10/10. str8guy says these are polls about the top drivers...For Kubica to be considered a top driver is a great score for him. He has made no mistakes this season, just gone 8-0 up in quali against his team-mate, won Montreal, leads the WDC and has one DNF caused by a moment of absolute stupidity... by Kazuki Nakajima. He's also in the third-best car on the grid. In Sepang, Barcelona and Monte Carlo he hung on to the McLarens and Ferraris, in Montreal he capitalised perfectly upon their absence. Great!

I'd even give him a Teabag Yokel Merit Award if such a thing existed!
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