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We would like to go next year, just wondering whereabout to get seats, and where else in Belgium to go before and after the race?

Also, what are the most 'value for money' seats?

My friend has managed to find flights, race tickets, hotel, and car hire for £700, don't know whether that's good or not, still trying to get details off of him for how many nights, and what type of race tickets.

I got it to around £638 with Silver tickets for the race, covered grand stand and TV, from the straight upto Eau Rouge, for 7 nights, 3 star hotel in Brussels but without car hire.

I thought I would make this thread before I forget.
Depending on where you live in the UK, we found it might be cheaper to drive there after flights and car hire, etc. but I can't remember perfectly. Make sure you take a walk around the circuit on the Friday though, preferably during a practice session, the change in elevation can only be seen properly at the circuit :)
Ahh, I can imagine driving to Kent won't be cheap then :/ All I would say is know where you're parking, because the circuit is so large, it takes a good 15 minutes or so to get to the other car parks, I think :)
The Nurburgring is pretty close if you want to lap the Nordschleife as part of your trip.

Probably not a wise move in a hired car though.
Would it be too obvious to suggest taking an umbrella?

Liege isn't far away and most Belgian cities have some great history to see, and great beer to drink. Alternatively go for a hike in the Black Forest. Final piece of advice, don't forget to have some chips, the Belgians make the best in the World.
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