Some more Challenges to Accept


Points Scorer
I have four challenges for you to spend at least one your nights in this cruel race-less period. Two of them for 200 and the other two for 300 points. At the end divide your score with 100, and let me know if you get any of the three - well known - throphies.

1. Name the 12 team mates of Giancarlo Fisichella (don't count third drivers, just the ones who raced with him in a team).

No points for Alonso and Raikkonen
5 points for Kovalainen and Sutil
13 points for Button and Massa
17 points for Wurz and Sato
25 points for Ralf Schumacher and Ralph Firman
35 point for Zsolt Baumgartner
45 point and the Bronze Award for Pedro Lamy

2. Name the 14 drivers who made their F1 debut in the year 1999, 2000 or 2001.

Again, no points for Alonso and Raikkonen, but I appreciate your efforts
5 points for Jenson Button and Juan-Pablo Montoya
8 points for Pedro de la Rosa and Nick Heidfeld
13 points for Marc Gene and Ricardo Zonta
20 points for Luciano Burti and Enrique Bernoldi
25 points for Gaston Mazzacane, Tomas Enge and Alex Yoong
33 points for Stephane Sarrazin

3. It’s a bit of a new concept, let’s see how it works.

Name the 2nd placed drivers from all the 19 races in 2011! So each answer will contain a GP name and the name of the runner-up driver of the event, for example: ’Pacific GP - Massa’. So we need 19 of this. I assume you remember the name ofall GPs held this year.

No points for 'Brazilian GP - Vettel' as it was the most recent.

5 points for:
Australian GP - Hamilton;
Canadian GP - Vettel;
Korean GP - Hamilton;
Abu Dhabi GP - Alonso

10 points for:
Chinese GP - Vettel
British GP - Vettel
Hungarian GP - Vettel

15 points for:
Malaysian GP - Button
Spanish GP - Hamilton
Indian GP - Button

20 points for:
Belgian GP - Webber
Italian GP - Button
Singapore GP - Button

25 points for:
Monaco GP - Alonso
European GP - Alonso
German GP - Alonso

35 points for:
Turkish GP - Webber
Japanese GP - Alonso

4. Name the 12 race winner drivers who died because of an accident suffered at an F1 championship event (so during a practice a qualifying or a race, but not on a test).

0 points for Ayrton Senna
5 points for Gilles Villeneuve
10 points for Ronnie Peterson and Jochen Rindt
20 points for Wolfgang von Trips
25 points for Francois Cevert and Lorenzo Bandini
30 points for Patrick Depailler and Peter Collins
40 points for Peter Revson and Luigi Musso
65 points for Bill Vukovich who was Indy 500 winner in 1953 and 54, but died in the same event in 1955 when it was still part of the F1 calendar.

You can get the Silver Award for Luigi Musso, and the Gold Award for Bill Vukovich.
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