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A place to put all the posts from all the other threads primarily but love him or hate him, and even for the indifferent amongst us this is the place to discuss the marmite that is Lewis Hamilton, to learn a thing or two about his rise, talk about those controversial, genius or mad moments and something that i am bemused by, the recent articles that suggest something quite different to my perception of what's going on. Any experiences of meeting LH?

Brundle had to write a Lewis Hamilton article recently and in my tweets (which were probably ignored) I asked him to talk about LH the driver not LH the personality. It seems that you can't have one without the other.

So as a starter for ten, here is a fairly recent LH article. Posts should not be limited to this link but it can get some discussion going.

The only banned topic as it is clearly ridiculous involves these four things "Glock" "2008" "Brazil" "conspiracy"
this isnt new, sainz & riccardio left before pandemic season began. it seemed to be respectful then. i would assume hamilton & wolff get on really well i doubt it will turn toxic

Mercedes cant afford to hinder Hamilton. if he wasnt there they finish 4th not 2nd in constructors last year. but i would expect that he will banned from parts of the factory, because they wont want him taking any knowledge. but hamilton probably wont know the difference as he been saying no one listening to him for 2 yrs anyway
as the saying goes everyone is a Ferrari fan just on what level

I feel incredibly fortunate, after achieving things with Mercedes that I could only have dreamed of as a kid, that I now have the chance to fulfil another childhood dream. Driving in Ferrari red.

I’m never comfortable when a driver announces before the season begins that they are leaving to go to another team the following season…

Will Mercedes undermine Hamilton during the season? Will hamilton be banned from parts of the factory?

When technical staff leave, they are often put on gardening leave for 12 months…

On a linked point, Gazetta de la sport were reporting that Hamilton might still join Ferrari for 2024…
Alonso 2006 is an example
i Been listening to 5 live F1, Hamilton discussion & andrew benson was fasinating to listen to because he seemingly not in 1 go but scattered over the many topics they discussed. gave the listeners of a rough timeline of the events of the last 6 months. that led to Hamilton going to ferrari

August 2023 - Hamilton signs a 1yr deal with the option for a 2nd yr, if all parties are happy, which im assuming toto thought was inevitable

Christmas period 2023 - Ferrari are still trying to resign Sainz for 2025. now for whatever reason, they cant reach an agreement, who knows could be a multitude, money, contract, promises of status, even pre contract with other teams

1st week of January 2024 - so with sainz contract issues, john elkann the big boss of ferrari, gets wind of hamilton & his mercedes contract, that it isnt a 2yr deal its a 1yr +1, so lewis is a free agent for 2025 if he wants to move. now similar to schumacher in 1996. it was basically, when a driver of that calibre becomes available, you move heaven & earth to sign him, doing what ever it takes to get his signature
it was interesting that they the trio were thinking now with the type of contract they gave hamilton, Alonso & alpine dejavu they were scared to give him more than 1yr rolling contract & so lost him to another team would give him a long term contract, did mercedes get complacent, take lewis loyalty for granted & he would never going to leave with mercedes link his whole life through F1 & feeder series's or did the bosses secretly think he wouldve been was too old or thought that by 2025 he would be past it. despite what alonso was producing in the aston martin
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I am here! was it 50? That was a lot of money back when we made the bet. Probably get you a pint and a half of beer now.

DM me your bank details vintly and i'll pay up.......when he sits in a Ferrari :)
if you give the lewis 80% of the car he will deliver. he showed that last yr, out performing what that car is capable of doing. but he has no confidence in the rear end having to wait to get on throttle will be losing him alot of time in performance & confidence
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