Single question sports quiz - winner asks the next question


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We have our single question F1 quiz over in Fun & Games, but why not have a quiz that can wander across the whole sporting spectrum. Whatever sport you like, whatever question you want to ask. So to get us started:

Which men's international footballer has won the most internationals?
I'm going to go leftfield on this one and suggest it's a goalkeeper as they used to play for decades - possibly a Brazillian one but I don't know any of their names?
Nice :) so I ask a question now?

(Football again, sorry, but my knowledge for other sports is limited!)

Among all the teams present in a final match of the UEFA Champions League, which one has never won its domestic league?
Well, that didn't last long. I thought I might mislead everyone by asking about the 'first' UK boxer - he is the only boxer to receive a knighthood.

Your go Geth.
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