Pre-GP Quiz 2019 French GP pre race quiz


World Champion
1) Who crashed into each other at the 1st corner of last years race
Vettel & Bottas

2 How many drivers have won French GP & Le Mans (outright)
(1 point for number, 0.25 points for drivers names)
5 - Alonso, Rindt, Gurney, Iykx, Hawthorn

3 - Lauda still hold what qualifying record from 1974 in dijon
Quickest Pole time at 58.94 seconds

4 - Who was 1st French winner of French GP
Jean Pierre Jabouille, French Overload. French winner of French GP for a French team using a French engine & French Tyres

5 - Which legendary IndyCar team finished on the podium in 1976 with John Watson
Penske, went on to achieve another podium in britain & a win in Austria. before exiting the sport

6 - Due to extreme wet conditions in qualifying what record was set in 1999
5 drivers were failed to qualify from 107% rule

7 - Which 2 drivers shared the French GP wins between 1986 - 1993
Mansell 86 87 91 92 Prost 88 89 90 93

8 - Fangio Coulthard & Hamilton, what do they have in common
only 3 drivers to win French GP with a Mercedes engine

9 - Despite failing to qualify at the previous race who in 1990, was 3 laps from taking a famous victory for leyton House
Ivan Capelli

10 - who made there F1 debut at the 1989 French GP & scored points.
Jean Alesi

PS: yes your right number 3 was pun 1st, shoehorn in the question 2nd:D
I only got 2, but I enjoyed the quiz, it was very good thanks. Oh and I did snigger at question 3 ;)
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