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Still using them in 1984. Podium ceremony at Monaco that year:

and gold ones in 1985 - this from the Dutch GP of that year (Don't know if it's artificial or real leaves painted gold!):

Laurels appear to have gone by this race in 1986. Bergers first win in a Bennetton BMW.
No wreath. Spraying champagne well in vogue now. What else was strange about this podium celebration?
The organisers gave them the champagne?
Sorry, nope.:) Hmm, I'm wondering if should I have asked this in separate thread in the Quiz section (although I rarely go there). A single question quiz, do peep's do that on here?
Don't kow about the cnstructors trophy but you're so close to the answer I'm after:whistle:!

So it is something to do with the Austria or national anthems. Was it the first time the constructors' anthem started? Did they strike up the first bar of La Marsaillaise by mistake?
TBY you were so close but Sportsman grabs the prize! They started off scrabbling around for the right anthems struck up something indescernable much to the amusement of the gathered throng and finally gave up and played our own blessed God Save The Queen. I remember having watched it on the beeb back then and would love to be reminded of one of Murray Walkers prized comments at the time - can't remember what he said but I remember almost breaking into tears 'cause it was sooooo funny. A special F1 moment in history!LOL
I had a lot of clues from the others.There was something else unusual about that race.Without Googling anyone know.
Ah. I had that wrong! Assuming Sportsman isn't talking about this little factoid I offer you this .... GB was the only driver on the Pirelli's (assuming his team-mate was also, whilst everyone else was on the Goodyear) to complete the race without a pit stop.
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