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No DRS, no hints, no half points. The point of this quiz is that you don't get any right :D

Q1. What fact connects Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull, apart from their association in F1?

Vettel was born in 1987, the same year that the first can of Red Bull was sold

Q2. Who was the first woman to appear on an F1 podium?

Ginny Williams joined Mansell and Piquet on the podium at the 1986 British GP

Q3. What is Bernie Ecclestones first name?

Bernand NOT Bernard. Yeah, I didn't know either

Q4. Who started calling him Bernie?

Jochen Rindt

Q5. Who won the first ever Grand Prix?

Hungarian Ferenc Szisz at Le Mans in 1906

Q6. Sebastian Buemi scored points at the 2009 Australian GP. Who was the last Swiss driver to do this before him?

Marc Surer at the 1985 Italian GP

Q7. What flavour drink did Damon Hill used to have in his car during an F1 race?

Tea - as it used to get hot. How very British!

Q8. Which driver had the nickname Fletcher?

Jody Scheckter

Q9. What size are the stone in the gravel traps?

Between 5 and 16mm diameter - no half points remember

Q10. Why are British racing cars supposed to painted British Racing Green?

The first British motor race took place in Ireland so green was chosen as a thank you to the Irish

If anybody gets more than one I shall be pissed off!
yes I got 1 :1st:

I remember that a few drivers like coulthard use to have cold tea, like Malaysia as it heat up & is far nicer than hot syrupy lucosade or red bull
I needed to know about Q8. Here's the answer courtesy of
In his formative years Jody Scheckter was as wild and unrestrained behind the wheel as he was brilliantly talented. The curly-haired South African was quickly afforded the nickname ‘Fletcher’ after the baby seagull in the book Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, who tried to fly when he was too young and kept on crashing into the cliff face.
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