Monaco Onboard Through the Decades


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Some great clips for you below. But as you are watching them I found it very interesting that the lap record stayed largely the same from the 70's up until 2001 at around 1.20 - 1.22 range.

After 2001 the times tumble by 6 seconds until 2004 when again they stabilise around the 1.14-1.16 range.

Was this all due to track changes ? Regulation changes ? Discuss.

Some stats below for fastest lap per decade.
Full year by year list here if your interested.

2000-2010 lap record 1.14.439 M.Schumacher 2004
1999-1990 lap record 1.21.076 M.Schumacher 1994
1989-1980 lap record 1.22.637 M.Alboreto 1985
1979-1970 lap record 1.22.200 Jackie Stewart 1971
1969-1960 lap record 1.25.100 Jackie Stewart 1969
1959-1950 lap record 1.40.400 Mike Hawthorn 1958

Now the clips. I apologise in advance for the Fangio clip. Its shear filth. :)

Kimi Raikkonen 2007 (Lap record 1.15)

Mansell 1991(Lap record 1.24)

Senna 1986 (Lap record 1.26)

Onboard Tyrell P34 Six wheeler at Monaco and Kyalami 1977 (lap record 1.31)

Fangio 1956 (lap record 1.44) Clip not suitable for minors.
The first thing I noticed about that Raikkonen lap was how horribly boring it all looked. Throw the car in, hit an apex, straight back on the throttle, TC kicks in, no fuss, nothing. Compare that to even the best cars of 2011 and the workload seems a lot bigger now, taking away even the added button pressing of KERS and DRS.
I know its from the film, but this fills the gap in the 60s in the list :)

Nice Vid. Cheers mate.

Have you noticed how grubby and run down Monaco looks in the older films ?
When did it go super expensive mega posh glam ?

Enja totally agree not missing traction control in the least.
That F2007 sounded quite odd under braking...could be the TC kicking in...the cars now sound like screaming mopeds...

Would be nice to get an onboard of one of Michael Schumachers lap around there, or Senna and Prost
That F2007 sounded quite odd under braking...could be the TC kicking in...the cars now sound like screaming mopeds...

Yeah that's traction control you're hearing (NB: It's not just under braking you hear it but when accelerating out of corners as well). I'm not really sure why it makes that noise though :s.

It's amazing how much Mansell's car moves around off the line!!
My God - that Fangio clip is utterly fantastic! Totally agree with Enja regarding the Kimi clip. What a total contrast between the two.
Yes but slight mistake on the heading for Senna's lap, which wa in 1985 rather than 86. Prost got fastest lap and pole in 86, although it wasn't a lap record. Times were 4 seconds slower than the previous year due to the new chicane, introduced in 1986, which doeesn't feature in Senna's clip.
Some brilliant clips there Greenlantern mate :thumbsup:The thing that struck me most especially in the older videos is how much earlier the drivers had to get off the power coming up to the corners compared to now, great illustration of how technology has moved on.

And after watching that Fangio video i think i need a shower!
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