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Regardless of the lights, it looks like another yawnfest :givemestrength:

Watch the on board simulation of Rosberg's lap

Listen to the gear changes and tell me where the passing will occur? ( I keep watching that Hakkinen move on Shuchmacher on the CTA youtube channel - classic LOL )

Now I'm gradually getting used to Tillke's designs but why oh why (aside from the commercial reasons) do we now have to have such tedious tracks on the calendar? Hungaroring? Borororing, Valencia is in for another 6 years, Feck knows what's going to happen (if at all) at Donnington an now we have another potentially tedious track added in the dark (I'll wait and see for practise 1)

/me better shut up - starting to sound like a BBC poster
I'm inclined to agree with you.

I said Valencia would be poor for passing when everyone else was saying it was more like Monza than Monaco.
Sadly I was right :(

So far I have seen nothing with the Singapore track that makes me think it's going to be any different to the other 2 street circuits.
With 23 turns, it is second only to, yes you've guessed it, Valencia with 25.

Barring accidents, mishaps (and penalties ;) ), whoever sticks it on pole should take the win.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, the Singapore Street Circuit profile thread is here.
Inclined to agree with both of you, still it's perfect for TV coverage so stop complaining. The TV coverage aspect is, unfortunately, more of a driving factor in the design of new circuits than the quality of the actual racing, Magny Cours was the first of the new breed I believe, basically 1 camera can do a long panned corner, a straight and a heavy breaking chicane. Look at China, Malaysia, Turkey and unfortunately the new layout of Donnington (although they've made up for losing Coppice by retaining Craner). Street circuits fulfil much the same criteria, high buildings allow big panning shots too.
I've even heard of plans to chop Spa in half, in which case you can probably say goodbye to interesting racing.
PS - why don't they have the US GP at Road America or Road Atlanta?
Whew, that's a sh*t load of concrete, and nice narrow entrances to the outbraking corners - it's going to be a brave (and possibly stupid) man who manages to overtake a lot there!

Where can I get me one of those simulators though.
Whilst watching the practice sessions, I have noticed several cars have had to use the run off areas.
It appears to me that these are very narrow and some drivers may struggle to turn their car around to get back on the circuit.

Will the Marshalls be permitted to assist the drivers in turning the car around as it will be deemed in an unsafe position?

If not then potentially several drivers could be out of the race tomorrow simply due to the fact that they got stuck in a dead end...
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