Should chat be visible to guests?

Should chat be visible to guests?

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I was trying to decide whether this would encourage new members or not.
If guests can see chat then they might feel more inclined to register if they want to jump in to the discussion.

After all, chat is essentially no different to the forums in terms of content and those are visible to guests.

Let me know your thoughts and what your preference is.
Guests would not be permitted to post in chat, only to view.
The same as it is with the forums.

To post they would have to register and become a member.
This could be one way of encouraging more people to join the site.
I agree, visible to guests, but you need register to join in... keep up that scintillating level to which we aspire
I went for 'no' but then realised that it would be fine if they can see it but not post unless they register. So yes and no from me! :whistle:
So far it seems most people are in favour of making chat visible to guests.

I will make the necessary changes to allow guests to view only but we can always review the situation in the future.
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