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Sergio Perez Mendoza also known as 'Checo'. 21 years of age and 12 Grand Prix under his belt. Already has a contract for Sauber for next year, is part of the Ferrari driving acadamy, current favourite to replace Massa but what he didn't have was his own thread on Clip the Apex so I thought I'd sort him one out.

Won British Formula 3 at 18. Finished 12 in GP2 at 19. Finished runner-up in GP2 at 20. Made his GP debut at 21 and finished in the points only to be DQ'd later due to both Saubers breaking car regs. Had a big accident at Monoco and even chose to pull out of the Candian GP after realising he wasn't back to 100%. Has had 2 points finishes so far this season with his highest being a 7th place at Silverstone. Has been quite highly placed at both Spa and Monza in last couple of weeks but due to a tangle and a mechnical faiure didn't capitalise on it.

Has been beating his Team-mate Kobyashi reg in qualifying but has had difficulty translating that to the races. Sometimes you wonder if Perez suffers from Sauber tendency to try and make him do something different on the tyre strategy and whether he'd much rather just go for it and race with the pack. Having said that he has proved he has a head for strategy which could stand him in goodstead for the future.

Already impressed enough to get a second year with Sauber and is currently dueling with Paul Di Resta for the 'Rookie of the Year' award. What do you guys think of him? Star of the future or constant midfield runner?
SerEGO Perez seems to have learnt nothing since his days at McLaren. Now that he's under pressure from a 'rookie', he back to old habits and solely blaming others for incidents.
He's a talented racing driver who is only now realising that he's missed the boat when it comes to the plum drives, and in his desperation not to be outdone by his younger, more likely to get a plum-drive teammate, he is taking robust defence to unsafe levels.
The problem with today's 2-by-2 grid, is that the Force Indias always seem to end up on the same piece of track.
Ocon will go on to do great things, but Checo will end up being remembered for squeezing the occasional podium out of midfield cars and putting his teammate in the wall. It's rather a shame really.
While normally drivers should cut down the final 10% of the aggression when racing against their team-mates, Perez almost cuts down that 10 % against every other driver than his team-mate.
Sergio reaps what he sows. He started this in Canada by refusing to play the teammate game which just made Ocon determined to beat him. Now he has an angry and very quick Frenchman out for his blood and moves like in Spa (twice!) shows he knows he doesn't have the talent to hold him back.
i dont know whether this perez not liking young guy outshining him & baku still angers him. after hearing ottmar on pitwall all weekend, im so glad im not either driver on the reciecuving end of that on sunday. because i have a feeling he can be a very angry man

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Checo has admitted that the team have money problems which is slowing down the introduction of upgrades to be able to challenge Renault who are solid

I just don't see him staying at Force India for another year especially if Mercedes want to place Russell in the team and also Latifi is making noises he wants to be in F1

I see Checo potentially moving over to Haas or go back to Sauber if he is still trying to chase that Ferrari drive
listening to my beyond the grid series & its fantastic to hear his point on McLaren i almost did change abit my stance about whether he should get a another chance at a big team. where he said that they never really stood a chance as the car was very inconsistent & was the 6th quickest car. how he though he was treated badly because he thought he did very well v button but his management made a mistake only getting a 1 year deal.

but the McLaren deal nearly killed his career because he said that he was happy to leave F1 post McLaren in 2013 because he wasnt going to do a glock, just go to Caterham to keep racing & be at the back. but he greatful to carlos slim who got him his seat a force india even if it was a shock going from McLaren factory to force india factory. despite thinking every yr at force india was his last for many reasons. he finally feels secure for the 1st time after the buyout

but what shocked me was that. he said. he & domincali sat down in maranello towards the end of 2012. & conversation was 1 more year at sauber perform well & we will give you the 2014 Ferrari seat. (although this seemingly running joke as half 2013 grid at 1 point thought it was theres. Hulkenburg, Kubica, Grosjean, Massa, Kimi & probally a few more . so God knows how many car Ferrari wanted to run in 2014) 1 thing i cant understand is his impatience maybe that comes with inexpierence but if your told 1 more year & you can drive for ferrari why would you give it all up to go for mclaren
Hindsight is a wonderful thing but to be fair in most races during 2012 - the Mclaren did look the class of the field and they probably cost Hamilton with a series of mechanical failures

Having said that Checo's performances were based on having superior tyres to the rest to gain his 3 podiums during those races. The mysterious off in Sepang when closing on Alonso will be debated whether it was to do with harming his chances of being a Ferrari driver but then he did not seem to show any inhibitions in Monza passing Alonso then when contract talks were on the table . It appeared by that time he was definitely not considered for Ferrari in 2013.

Maybe Checo believed his own hype too much thinking he was in the same league as Hamilton when being asked to replace him at Mclaren then again Mclaren could have gone for Hulkenberg but perhaps needed Slim's money to pay for Merc engines

I am not sure how Checo can consider he did well against Button given the last race I think he was on the faster strategy but finished more than 30 seconds down. They also had the simulator results and could see his pace was not near Button's or even Magnussen

I think now it depends how much money his sponsors have to keep his F1 dream going
The other news is the Renault restructure which is headed by the interim CEO and probably the French government who own 15% of the company. Apparently the Enstone team are not affected but it will be unsettling
I know we've often given Perez some grief but fair play, his two lap dice with Hamilton today was bloody brilliant driving. Both drivers firm but fair with each other. Probably the best part of the race.
it was Turkey all over again. that was F1 at its best if only title contenders couldve raced Like that
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