Head To Head Sebastian Vettel vs Kimi Räikkönen


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WHY does this thread not exist?

Now it does.

After Seb was thumped by Ricciardo and Kimi was thumped by Alonso this was always an interesting match up that seems to of gone under the radar a little. The bottom line is they have both found their match. This year they have settled in and we have seen good races from both of them. Tight, yeh it's tight.

For mega stats check out Grandprix rankings.

Bottom line it's bloody close this year. Seb 153 points to Kimi 148 (as of Singapore)

I would love it if Kimi came out on top this year. I have a love hate thing with Kimi and a hate love thing with Seb.
Great team mate match ups are a large part of the fun in F1 for me.

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I think Kimi has accepted the role of subservient No.2 to easily to make this much of a Head to Head. He picks up a nice wedge, gets to drive fast cars and travel around the world. Beyond that there doesn't seem to be much fire left.

Vettel, however, I think wants to be the best of his generation and must be very frustrated at Ferrari at the moment.
Vettel's made some uncharacteristic mistakes recently, and is probably more than a tad out of sorts with the car, regardless of its raw pace. Summink ain't right. Kimi on the other hand is uncharacteristically not making as many errors as previous seasons and hence they are closely matched. Would have to check for sure but wasn't Seb almost always about 0.3 ahead of Kimi on Saturday last year?

I still think Vettel is as good as anyone and will likely sneak another WDC or two if he gets half a chance. I wouldn't say the same for Kimi's chances if they ever arose again.
Bottom line everyone expects Vettel to thrash Raikkonen given their salary disparity and based on the fact that Kimi is on his way down and this is not happening

Now first warning shot coming from Ferrari management about extending his stay at Maranello . I personally don't think he wants to

Somewhat of a renaissance for Kimi since he was re-signed but he seems to be on Vettel's pace or at times ahead of him. Tactical errors from the Ferrari pitwall have played a part but Vettel does seem to fighting and venting out his frustrations with the team too often and has become somewhat edgy and nervous at starts so it seems with the number of lap 1 incidents
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Well for once Kimi's reluctance to speak will be a plus. Ferrari don't like their drivers complaining to anyone who will listen.
Kimi seems to be immune to Ferrari's internal politics at play whereas Vettel doesn't enjoy them. He thrives in an environment that is fully supportive and off course Ferrari is far from nurturing. It's a bit ironic that Ferrari kept Raikkonen to please Vettel and get the much needed WDC and what happens is that the Finn deliver the goods and the German implodes. the thing is, it has been a while since Kimi has been so focus and engaged. If Vettel were to stay at Ferrari, I'd keep Raikkonen, at least for another year ... unless for some reason Mad Max becomes available ...
They might not have a choice if Verstappen ever decided to leave.

While I'm not aware of ever reading thatt he did the staggering thing is even at such a young age he' s already in a position to call the shots. He's in that postition that very few drivers ever get to enjoy, that which means their standing in F1 is such that whatever is written on a contract is no more than an afterthought. When they' re targeted by a teams who seek to buy out whatever contract ties them to a team all they have to do is make up their minds and let the teams ' lawyers do the work.
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For Max to leave Red Bull for Ferrari I think it will take more than adding a few more zeros to his pay cheque.. potentially Max Verstappen could name his price with Ferrari if he continues on an upward curve

However I'd very much doubt Max would leave given Red Bull are doing everything to protect him and express himself at the same time
I don't think Verstappen needs Ferrari early in his career. unless off course he is very good at dealing with the politics

It was too much for Toro Rosso to handle and at the moment Red Bull have just about got under check until we reach a flashpoint between him and Ricciardo which could become telling
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