Caption Competition Seb and Nico


Champion Elect

What could these two be discussing?
Seb: "I had this many emails"
Nico: "Who from?"
Seb: "Shhh, you don't need to know!"
Nico: "I've only had one and that was from ..........."
Seb : I gave it this much and it was still too much...
Nico : Seb, what you do with your inappropriately named cars is your business, I just wish you would stop doing it to everyone elses as well...
Seb: "We dump marbles this long all over the track ..."
Nico: "So do we with this much ****ing grip left after one lap."
Seb and Nico in unison: "It's lucky Pirelli don't make our brakes! Hahaha .."
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