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The same news is coming through the legitimate motorsport sites also. I'm searching for positives but all I'm reading is very tragic.
Communicating by moving his eyelids appears to be the only movement he has, he is described as being paralysed. Considering there has never been any mention of spinal injuries we can only assume the paralysis has been caused be the brain injury which clearly must have been very severe. It appears all they can do is continue his treatment at home and hope and pray for some improvement or a miracle. Another report has stated he still needs a ventilator to breath periodically. Very very sad news.


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Does remind me of a similar story in regards to Kevin Pearce an American Snowboarder, who ironically enough was being filmed in a documentary to cover his lead up to the Winter Oympic Games in 2010. Whilst filming the documentary he had a accident which resulted in a brain injury, of course this then changed the whole subject of what the documentary team were filming.

The programme was eventually called the 'Crash Reel' & showed Kevin's 2 year+ battle to return to any normal type of life.

After watching this and being amazed how a person can recover, but more what they had to do overcome to recover or partially recover.

I do worry about what recovery Michael is going through & what progress he is making. I do also believe it'll be years if ever before we see him visiting a grid again.


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Yes, on Yahoo there was a bit about Jean Todt now being a brain specialist.

There is a chance though that he, having been associated with Schumacher for many years, has been told the situation by the family. If so, goodie.


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For me what is remarkable about what Todt says is how high he has set the bar,
"We must assume that Schumacher can lead a relatively normal life again within a short period of time," said Todt.

"We can say he can probably never drive a Formula 1 car again. But he is fighting.
If he can "probably never drive a Formula 1 car again", that's a shame but in the big scheme of things, so what? If he genuinely might be able to "lead a relatively normal life again", then hallelujah. That would be beyond the wildest dreams of most people who have been hoping to hear some good news of his recovery.

If he even gets half way towards where Todt suggests, we should all celebrate the miracles of modern medicine.

And hope for the same outcome for Jules.


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Quite right jez101 .

We have to remember that have had NO inside information on Michael's condition pretty much since a few weeks after the accident. And rightly so. The family and the health authorities treating him have made it clear they required privacy and a blanket media coverage ban.

Everything we have heard since has been an endless litany of tabloid-fuelled speculations conducted with "brain specialists" all over the continent with no connection with the family nor said health authorities expressing their views to any old tabloid/internet outlets willing to publish anything a five-minutes-of-fame merchant doctor will tell them.

So the soundbites from someone who presumably has received some genuine information from the family and who has an actual connection carries a hell of a lot more weight than any random doctor in Vienna contacted by the daily mail...


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I think Todt has too much to lose if he's lying here. I don't think it would be considered becoming of his office.


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Were they ever married or even engaged?

We all lose out in love but it doesn't mean that neither should find a true companion. So a little less Mills and Boon wouldn't go amiss!.
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Not that I want to drive this off topic but Corrina Betsch and Heinz Harald Frentzen were in a relationship for 4 years. They split in 1991and her and Michael then got together.


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And much the richer of the two, which might have been an attractant initially. But, in any event, she is proving to be a pretty class act.
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