Schumacher Injured


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Regardless of the state of his brain he will need significant rehab for the amount of muscle mass he will have lost whilst in the coma.


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A very interesting view, realistic from his point of view yet not what people want to hear.

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The news we've heard reminds me of Michael Watson, sadly... Although he has recovered a lot of what he lost... But is no longer the same person!


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I'm still somewhat confused by this latest news because, as Gary Hartstein says, it was announced in April by Michael's manager Sabine that Michael was out of a coma, and it was reported a few days ago that he was being moved to rehab at an unspecified location. So what's actually new?


Seems very strange and somewhat cruel that they would release what should supposedly be good news with so few accompanying details. I can't help but think this misleading and eventually detrimental for his biggest supporters.


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Indeed. It's a quite bizarre management of the public relations and I don't understand why it should be so. I do understand the family's desire for privacy but when someone has generated such adulation in their fans there is some degree of responsibility for their feelings as well. It's easy for some of us to let go but it must be pretty hard on Michael's most avid supporters and there's an awful lot of them all over the planet.

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Given how much the BBC and F1 teams went to town on this announcement, I have to conclude that they know more than they are saying, and it genuinely is good news......


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It seems as if someone has got sick of the lack of news about Schumacher and has stolen his medical records from the hospital and is now reportedly selling them to the media.

I'm hoping for some ethical media action now by them refusing to take this ill gotten information. As much as I want to know what's going on with his condition it is down to the family and Doctors to release the information not some money grabbing scumbag.
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Presumably one of the tabloids will publish, claiming that it is "in the public interest". All the others will be up in arms about it, but it will come out that they all made a bid. <cynical smiley>


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I'd be surprised if any of the mainstream media in the UK went near this stolen information with a barge pole, particularly as the "hacking" trial rumbles on. I can't really see what compelling information could be contained in the medical notes anyway that we can't already infer. Some of the German tabloids have proved themselves to be the very lowest of the low, and that's where the greatest interest is, so if anywhere it'd crop up there.


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hopefully the pilfering of medical records is prosecutable. If it is, the thief should be imprisoned, not merely fined.


Surely it would have to be someone who works at the hospital who did the pilfering otherwise how would they know where to look for the records and how would they gain access? Even if it were an outside job they would still need inside help to pull it off..