Scanner Radio Frequencies For Silverstone


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If I had a radio scanner which I dont ...:whistle:...and was to tune it into a non public radio band which I would never do....:whistle:.... Does anyone know what radio frequecies may be in use by F1 teams, Ted Cravits, The marshals, the bbc outdoor broadcasting, the airport, etc etc at Silverstone so I could pre-program a radio scanner that I don't have :whistle: before I go down for the F1 ?

Not long now. Getting excited :yesss:

Is it to early to start packing ?
No answer only a question from me I'm afraid. Surely these must be encrypted or secured in some way? It would seem surprising to me for the teams just to leave it open to anyone who can get hold of the appropriate equipment, namely the other teams.
Ted listens to everything. The teams all have access to each others radios just like Ted.
But no idea if they are encripted like Police bands.
Even if the teams bands are encripted it would be very unusual to encript the airport band and the Marshals Bands etc.
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