Rule Changes


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Just for a minute let's assume that everything is going OK with an evolving sport. In that case, what rule evolutions would you like to see incorporated into next years championship?

Tyre Usage -

Bin the idea of having to use each of the two available tyre choices. New rule, from the two choices made available the driver must use all tyre choices used during qualifying.

If the driver wants to use two tyre choices during qualifying, both tyre choices must be used during each phase of qualifying.

Pit Lane Errors -

Any errors in the pit lane, including unsafe starts, fires, danger to mechanics et al should incur a 10 second stop/go penalty to be served on next passing of the pit lane entry

Safety Cars -

Drivers will have one complete lap of the circuit by the safety car to pit. Following this the pit lane will be closed for 5 laps or until the safety car pull in, whichever the shorter

Go on, let's set the world to rights, constructively....
At pit stops fueling must be completed before any other work can be done on the car. Maybe limit the number of mechanics to, say, 6 for wheel changes. OK, it's a bit like Le Mans series, but it would encourage longer stints by making 2 or 3 stoppers more of a gamble
Tarmaced run-off areas in chicanes must be banned, so that going off track is a penalty in itself and there would be no controversy regarding cutting chicanes & gaining an advantage etc.

The pit-lane should be open at all times under Safety Car in order to reduce the lottery of a SC period!

Tyres should be selected on Friday night, either you run soft or hard and take whatever risk there is.

Pit-lane traffic lights are illegal, all teams must use an operative responsible for safely releasing their car when the pit-lane is clear. (ie. the lollipop man)

Drive through penalties applied after the race should be a more representitive 15s deduction, whilst stop-gos retain a 25s deduction.

The return of single-lap qualifying. Some people didn't like it, but I think it reduced that ridiculous system of 5 place grid-drops for "blocking" people.

Disqualification for blatant cheating ie. Schumacher - Monaco 2006!

Overtaking to be allowed; aggressive driving to be encouraged not punished!
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