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Now if the car just holds together for Romain.

He's putting K - mag into the shade seriously who is one of the fastest over 1 lap


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Another off for Romain , I've lost count but it seems like every week he's had a crash or put it into the gravel

It did look promising a while back for Romain but it appears the boat has sailed in trying to land a drive in a championship winning car


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They silenced him for their home race. Quite a surprise and quite pleasant not to hear him moan. In Germany he would be called a 'Jammerlappen'.


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Well depends if you have followed Romain's career well enough he pretty much won every junior category he raced in and been tipped as a potential world champion at one time

Romain Grosjean needs a reset - Jolyon Palmer column

A great article by Jolyon Palmer which sums up Romain right now but off course he still has 16 races to turn it around so its not impossible but he is certainly up against it with an in form K Mag.

For Romain if he can the driver of late 2013 then he will prolong his career further but that top drive which has eluded his career looks to have gone


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Now Roman has got the monkey off his back lets see if he is going to kick on

that was an impressive 4th place for the much disputed "Are you Ferrari in disguise" Haas


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Am i being too harsh on grosjean. Because 4th was a brilliant drive & everyone is giving him a big pat on the back. But forgetting he got lapped & how can you celebrate being lapped


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F1Brits_90 I am afraid with the big 3 so far in front 4th is some achievement still

I remember the days when only 6 cars were awarded points so basically every other team had less than 10% of scoring points given how reliable cars are now


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The Netflix Drive to Survive documentary is a brutally honest insight into Romain's 2018 season. Gunther Steiner is scathing at times, to the point where I cannot understand how Grosjean still has a drive in 2019.
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