Robert Kubica. What a difference a year makes!



Since the Canadian Grand Prix, all the "talk" has been about THAT incident in the pitlane and whether or not the penalty was just and fair.

I think we are forgetting that a certain Polish driver won the race, his first, and the first ever for a Polish driver. After the dramatic events of Canada 2007 where Robert crashed to this years win .. what a difference a year makes.

The crash Canada 2007

The win Canada 2008

A bit about Roberts entry into F1 from his days in carting

Robert on the possibility of Alonso joining him at BMW in 2009.... that could be an interesting combination! ... 44fbd57b08

So team... what do we think about Robert Kubica, leading the WDC on 42 points ... a future WDC? and will he stay at BMW or move elsewhere when his current contract expires at the end of the season.
methinks darn dang!

i am happy for robert and all that stuff but he really should have won with kimi and lewis behind him. right now, it feels like the podium after a certain race in the USA really. and thats a shame cos robert is a great guy and the team do deserve the win.

the fact this was the first win by a team other then ferrari, mclaren or renault in 10 (!!!) years says it all really. its a true fluke.

but BMW will get better and they will be there one day. no question.
I'm gabberflasted.

I think if anyone would have predicted that RK would be leading the WDC after Canada they would have been ridiculed, and rightly so with the McLarens and Ferraris to contend with.

Having said that, although the BMW is improving, I do believe this result was purely down to the SC and the subsequent pit lane events.
You can just imagine RK's thoughts as LH smashed into Kimi and 3 seconds later the light turned green.
He was probably thinking, well, this is going to be easier than I expected... lol

It would be nice to see other manufacturers and drivers, other than the top 2 mainly always winning.
As boga pointed out, it's been 10 years since anyone other than Renault, McLaren or Ferrari have won so I feel BMW have a way to go yet before they will be realistically fighting for the title.
Just a small correction guys, Honda Jordan and Williams have all won Gp's in the the 10 years!

But it is great to see Kubica consistently battling it out with the Ferrari's and McLarens.
If the Red and Silver cars continue to make silly mistakes for the rest of the year , .. you never know ... we could have a Polish WDC in 2008 ...
str8guy said:
Just a small correction guys, Honda Jordan and Williams have all won Gp's in the the 10 years!
I presumed boga was referring to WCCs, rather than individual GPs.
Correct me if I am wrong guys and gals... (and this is probably one for our statistician str8y!!!) But are the beemers not the most consistent scorers as a team this season?? Both the the prancing horse and the silver bullets are having problems in that area??? If things continue as is.. does anyone care to average out the points per race, and extend to the end of the season, and see which driver AND which team comes out tops...??? would be interested to hear the results.. not sure if my maths O level is up to the job!! But I will have a go if there are no other takers!!!
OK>>> Neck on the block here...!!! If I'm wrong, blame the calculator!!!!

Using the results from the first 7 races... I reckon...

Ferrari 189 points, BMW 180, MM 137 (ouch!!!)
Robert Kubica.. 108
LH and Massa 99
Kimi 90
Nick Heidfeld 72....

Not sure on the figures, I'll have to do some number crunching myself.

One thing's certain though, unless Heikki starts getting some decent points, McLaren are going to struggle to finish 2nd in the WCC, never mind 1st... :o
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