Rob Smedley

The Man that keeps Felipe Massa calm in the Ferrari Car.

Rob Smedley was Born in Middlesbrough in 1973 and grow up in the Normanby area of the town.

Smedley started his Motorsport's career by been a suspension design engineer for the Peugeot Touring car team in 1997. He then went on to work in the F3000 series and the Williams Touring Car team, before ending up at Jordan F1 racing team until 2003.

After 2003 Smedley moved to the Scuderia Ferrari team and half way between 2006 he took over as Felipe Massa's race engineer and has been in the same role for the past 6 years.

Smedley is now well famous around the world for his radio message to Felipe Massa in Malaysia 2009 by telling him to stay cool baby. Smedley also was behind the whole message to tell Felipe Massa to move aside in 2010 in German GP, which you can tell he wasn't pleased about.

But for me his relationship with Felipe Massa is one of the best Driver/Race Engineer combinations i've ever seen and these two are mates off the track aswell.

As somebody who has been brought up on Teesside Rob Smedley gives the rest of us hope that we can follow our dreams. So it makes me proud to be from Teesside.

Your thoughts on Rob please?
One of my best mates is a boro lad he is very loyal, tight as a ducks arse when it comes to money but a great bloke none the less, you can see how loyal Rob is to Massa and will probably go wherever Massa does in the future..
I think it was Martin Brundle who said that he is wasted as a race engineer! I think he should get to drive a ferrari one day, at Goodwood!
Though I'm irritated by Massa, and therefore Smedders, I think anyone can see how valuable he is. I saw him the other day watching the 2007 F1 season review. He looked so young; like a sixth former on work placement. I do wonder what he will do when Massa gets the chop (come on it's inevitable). I'm not sure whether Massa will get an F1 drive with the grid as it is at the moment. If he did leave F1, surely Smedley would stay.
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