Renault R28


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There's an R28 at work for a while (some sort of partnership event + charity fundraiser), so I got some pictures.


Link to the album:
You work in such a shiny office. My office looks like a skip compaired to yours.

The details always amaze me when you see these beasts close up. AND this will just be a 'fake' one with none of the really clever bits on it. Nice photos.
Grab the steering wheel when nobody's looking... :whistle:

I do wish teams wouldn't change the livery of old cars, didn't Ron Dennis take the Marlboro logo off some of the red and white classics... :rolleyes: (etc.)
Hey, if you ain't getting paid for it don't advertise it. I object to paying for carrier bags which have the supermarket logo on - if they want me to advertise their store give me the bags for nothing.

In reality I agree with you no-FIAt-please, although the Marlboro logos may have to have been removed because of the tobacco advertising ban.
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