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I have attached a table showing all of the Vettel / Webber sequential finishes since they have both been racing for RBR...

Some of the nomenclature...

* Pos(ition) @ last stop / Safety Car .... what position were both drivers occupying when the second of the two drivers made their final stop ... or if it was as SC incident late in the race, take the positions at this time
* Lap of race .... for position stated above
* Fin pos .... where they finished the race
* Pos gain / lost .... between two data points above
* Accumulated Time @ last stop / safety car .... sum of lap times up until either second drivers final stop or last SC lap
* Accumulated Time @ finish .... drivers cumulative time
* Delta last stop / SC .... between the two drivers
* Delta finish .... gap between them at end of race

I have added 2010 Turkey as a reference point ... where Seb flew his turkey into Webbers' unyielding turkey and both had their wings clipped...

There is a table at the bottom of the sheet that splits out the data by season... also shows when each driver was ahead at final stop... and count their race victories.

My (simpleton) takeaways:

=> Where sequential finishes were common place in 2009, 2010 and 2011 ... Malaysia was only the 3rd time in the last 22 races where this has happened...

=> Of the last three times there have been two switches of position... obviously Malaysia... but also China in 2012 where there was a gaggle of cars battling it out in the later laps... Webber and Vettel fought wheel to wheel for a few laps before Webber prevailed in the penultimate corner (the hairpin I think at the end of the main drag) on the last lap...

=> I think this has been a dormant issue because it has not had to be managed for pretty much all of last season... and boy didn't it show on Sunday :whistle:


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