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Because of a post I made regarding different Red Bull products, I wanted to mock up a quick livery suggestion following that idea. Here's what I got done - it's very simplistic, and on an old car, but I think it makes my point?
TR should go for sugar free bull because that is so much better. Tweet it at them Dash Racing!

Also their junior drivers run red bull colours in feeder series even if they are not in the same team which can be really confusing so maybe they should all be allocated a different branding.
Surprisingly, I don't have a Twitter account - I'm not really that keen on always on social media. Feel free to tweet it on if you want though :)
ROFL You guys really took that one and ran with it!

Here's Red Edition, Blue Edition, Silver Edition, Orange Cherry, Lime, Summer, and Cranberry. :)

The flavor editions also have the possibility of using the Silver Edition base and coloring the Red Bull logo and text in their flavor colors, to better match the cans.

Silver would look quite stunning and subtle if the car was a practice in different paint finishes as well as shades, I think that one actually has a lot of potential to be a show stopper.
e.g. Black chrome bull and text with a silver chrome outline, metallic fleck silver where yellow would be, and a satin grey for the main body of the car?
Alternatively, an iridescent red to pewter paint finish for the bull and text would give a lovely pop of color with the car in motion.
Stupid question, I know the teams have to run both cars in the same livery but do they have to register the colour scheme with the FIA? If not, why don't Red Bull cycle through different colours to promote different products through the year, although I think the paint is applied directly to the CF so they would need to make lots of different tubs and we know how precious the drivers can be when they find a chassis they like.
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I can't remember if it was Sky or BBC, but I'm pretty sure I saw a piece recently where Natalie Pinkham (?) went to McLaren's paint shop and I think they repaint the cars after most races anyway. We've definitely seen one-off liveries for some races in the past as well, although I can't think of any examples. Sorry this is all so vague...
Hmm, McLaren repainting the cars after every race might just be part of Ron's OCD although the days of teams turning up at race weekend with pebble dashed paintwork does seem like a distant memory.
That colorized camo is absolutely glorious. I love that!

AFAIK, the only specific mentions of paint jobs in FIA regulations are in regard to placement of safety labels and driver names, not being allowed to use offensive imagery or words, and both cars having to be in the same livery (was that rule in place before BAR got told they couldn't do it, or was that rule made after BAR wanted to run two different liveries?)
Does Red Bull think someone is going to try and shot them off track or if the camouflage makes it difficult to see which direction they are going maybe they will be taking short cuts and no one will notice..
This is the video I was thinking of FB, it's Georgie Thompson not Natalie Pinkham. One or two races between paint jobs.

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