Random 'I need to pass the time' quiz


Here are some questions to try:

1. Which driver made his debut for Arrows at the 1989 French Grand Prix?
2. How many points did Pedro Lamy score in his career?
3. Mario Andretti finished in what position in his last race for Lotus?
4. Carlos Reutemann achieved what feat on debut for Brabham?
5. Who was Lotus' last ever point scorer?
6. How many races did Michael Bartels enter, and how many did he start?
7. Name three teams that used a Judd engine at some point.
8. What teams, apart from Williams, have Mansell and Piquet both driven for?
9. Who did Ayrton Senna block from driving for Lotus in 1986?
10. Which Mexican ran his own Lotus in the late seventies?
11. Where did Mika Hakkinen finish in his first ever season, and which season was this?
12. How many races did Lotus win using active suspension?
13. How many drivers raced for Lotus in 1982? Name them.
14. Name four teams Jacky Ickx drove for.

This quiz is out of 26. Also, these questions are loosely linked by a theme. 5 extra points if you can get it. Therefore the total possible score is 31. Answers coming shortly. Good luck!
1. ?
2. Un Point
3. ?
4. Pole
5. Mika Hakkinen?
6. ?
7. Williams, Brabham, Andrea Moda
8. Lotus and McLaren
9. Derek Warwick
10. Hector Rebaque?
11. 1991 and 11th?
12. ?
13. Mansell, de Angelis...
14. Ferrari, Ligier, presumably Lotus, BRM?

Is the theme Lotus
1. No idea
2. 2
3. 5th
4. Pole
5. Mika Hakkinen
6. Entered 3 Started 1
7. Williams, Lotus, Tyrrell
8. Lotus & McLaren
9. Derek Warwick
10. Hector Rebaque
11. 16th, 1994
12. 4
13. Elio de Angelis, Nigel Mansell, Geoff Lees
14. Ferrari, Ligier, Wolf
Martin Donnelly
Pole Position
Johnny Herbert
4 entries, no starts
Lotus, Brabham, Williams, EuroBrun, Dallara, Andrea Moda, Life
Lotus and McLaren (Technically, Piquet drove a privateer McLaren)
Hector Rebaque
2. Monaco and Detroit 1987, both won by Ayrton Senna
4. Elio de Angelis, Nigel Mansell, Geoff Lees and Roberto Moreno
Cooper, Ferrari, Brabham, Lotus, Wolf-Williams, Ensign, Shadow and Ligier

Q1. Martin Donnelly (Lotus driver 1990)
Q2. Pedro Lamy (Lotus driver 1993-94)
Q3. Mario Andretti (Lotus driver 1976-80, and World Champion for Lotus 1978)
Q4. Carlos Reutemann (Lotus driver 1979)
Q5. Within question
Q6. Michael Bartels (Lotus driver 1991)
Q7. Lotus used Judd engines in 1989 and 1991
Q8. Mansell (Lotus 1980-84), Piquet (Lotus 1988-89)
Q9. Within question
Q10. Within question
Q11. Mika Hakkinen drove for Lotus in his first season
Q12. Within question
Q13. Within question
Q14. Jacky Ickx drove for Lotus in 1975

Sorry about the delay over the answers- turned out I needed to do something else (God, I hate Sainsburys...)
1. Dunno?
2. 16?
3. 5th Germany?
4. Pole & win
6. 18, 6
7. Toleman, Larousse, Andrea Moda
8. Mclaren, Ferrari
9. Warwick (I'll be kicking myself if i dont get this!) Replaced by Johhny Dumfries
11. 12th 91
12. 6
13. 4
14. Ferrari

It will be a bad idea to copy my guesses!
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