Racing with the Hamiltons - Nic in the Driving Seat

Say what you like about the documentary itself, Nic is a truly inspirational person the way he has gone about his life in general, and he always seemed so polite and grateful for everything he had (including the racing). Some very interesting insights into the family as well, and some very revealing personal comments from Lewis about his time growing up and his family and their relationships.
Jake Humphrey had the idea for this show (according to his Twitter feed):

Jake Humphrey @mrjakehumphrey
So excited about tonight. A year ago I met the BBC1 boss and told him about an idea I had for a TV show, tonight it airs! BBC1 10.35-tune in
He was in the credits at the end of the programme.

Sunil Patel
Jake Humphrey

Production Manager
Harriet Humphrey .........wonder if this is his wife/member of his family?
Just watched this on the IPlayer as i wasn't up to see this last night.
What an inspiration Nicolas Hamilton is. Lewis always said that his Brother inspired him the most but it wasn't until i watched this that i realized just how much. As someone who also has a Sibling with Learning difficulties it is hard to live with. I just hope Nicolas's story will have a positive effect on how people treat people with a Disability or Learning difficulties.

Also well done Nic on going to live your dream not many people in your situtation would do so. I hope we'll see you in the car again this season and going on to future sucess like your big bro. Even if it's just to stand on the Podium it'd be a big achievement in itself.

Also a big thank you to the Hamilton's for allowing us to see what goes on in their lives.
Really enjoyed it. You have to admire Anthony for how he worked for his kids and how well he brought them up. I cant understand all the hate there was for him when he was Lewis' manager, I have only admiration. And what an amazing fello Nick is. I now have to start watching Renault clio races! Come on Nick!!:cheer:
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