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This is just a little comment, but I notice that since the season finished the Race Hub and Fantasy F1 tabs on the top 'menu' have been removed. I know you can get to them by navigating through the forums or by scrolling to the bottom of the home page but personally I'd prefer it if they (well, mainly the race hub) stayed on the top bar as it makes them easier to get to. For new people visiting the site a glance at that top line might be what they use to figure out what the site is about as well, they may not scroll down the home page.

It's not something I'm going to lose sleep over but I just thought I'd mention it :).
That's a fair point sushifiesta.

I usually remove them to signify the end of the F1 season and then restore then sometime in February, but I suppose they could stay up all the time and just update the destination to the new race hub when it's in place.

The Fantasy F1 tab will probably change for next season though as we will hopefully be getting the add-on developed :)
On the other hand maybe new members having to search the site to find the information they are looking for will make them realise that there is more to CTA than fantastic stats and information, which may encourage them to post, after all we are a community not just somewhere for people to quote from like Wikipedia..
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